Give your “favorite” on postcards I sent

Hello. See my “sent” wall and let me know which one do you like. Just click “favorite”.

I want to know which kind of photos would be popular for postcrossing. Thanks!


Alas, personally I don’t like any postcard
I would like to see postcards showing Japanese landscapes, cities, temples, castles etc

Something like this card


I don’t like such cards for tourists….

I don’t think the low quality photos do these cards any justice. I might like the underwater one but I have no idea what the colours are actually like.

blame it on the receiver…. I myself don’t upload the image.

We are different, and that’s probably good. I’m sure the world would have been boring if we weren’t different. Tourist postcards are quite popular, but not everyone like them.

Many of us send postcards we don’t like ourselves, because the receiver indicate that they like the type of cards we send them.