Ghent: Gent X mail sorting center

City/region: Ghent
Date: august 19 will be moved to november
Time: 13.00
Meetup place: Gent X: mail sorting center.

**moved to november 4
is canceled due to the strict COVID regulations within Bpost.
At the moment it is still impossible to organize a “normal” visit.

Meeting: around 12 o’clock at the station for people who come by train
12:45 at the mail sorting center in Wondelgem, Industrieweg 30.

1 pm we can eat something in the company restaurant of Bpost.

vol au vent met frietjes en slaatje 5 €
Steak met frietjes en slaatje 6.5€
catch of the day (fish) 6.5 €
dagsoep 0.65 €
diverse broodjes

Afterwards we start signing and stamping our cards.
We get (in between) a presentation and later a tour in the mail sorting center.
The activity of the center starts around 5pm when the first mailbags arrive.
The intention is that we also see our postcards processed in this way at the start of their journey around the world.
I think the end will be around 6pm.

Bpost requests that the group should not exceed 20 participants

participants: kaart 1 inside - kaart 2 truck

  1. lucky-luke
  2. rozanhektor
  3. thys 20 - 20
  4. paultje66
  5. krnvnhs 15 - 15
  6. mamiielariie
  7. smikey
  8. lotty
  9. kcasti
  10. mikmak1
  11. shalottslady
  12. silke
  13. joliendm
  14. mamanclaire 10 - 40
  15. chacha58 15 15
  16. ferro
  17. belgisch witloof
  18. juytters
  19. veke250
  20. jeke
    21 dorien13
    22 malcarado
    23 destiny62
    24 nelly
    25 soundstorm
    26 Star-Mix-1982
    27 GreenFrog
    28 evemanu
    29 andrea236
    30 Mattin62
    31 GP37053
    32 SorayaTineBelgium
    33 leonievanvliet
    34 niso
    35 nicaulie
    36 Mieke 1985
    37 Belgisch witloof
    38 nancyV
    39 Hermelien63
    40 Viktoria1988


Bpost binnen.jpg - 219kB|200pxx142px

Bpost truck.jpg - 183kB|200pxx142px

These are the 2 exclusive postcards for the meeting.
cards will be adjusted
postcard 1: inside
postcard 2: truck
You can order until october 1, 2021.
price 0.30€


Even if the waitinglist is allready containing quite some names… could I be added as well? I would be very interested to join the event and to visit the sorting center

Oh I would be happy to be on the waiting list!

We can start a new group for the people on the waitinglist? :slight_smile:
Also interested.

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Sounds like an amazing meetup. Can i join the waiting list? :slight_smile:

I’m so delighted that the people on the waiting list can be added and we can form 2 groups now! Some more good news is that there are some extra places available again.

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Hello, i would like to join you on the 4th of november :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am happy that it is a Thursday again. I look for it. How it come it is moved again?

Hoi Luk,

I’d like to join the meeting on Nov 4th

Now that the group can be bigger, I also like to participate and get a behind the scenes tour :slight_smile:


Hello, I would also like to join on the 4th of November

Hello! I would like to join to this meetup

Hello, I want to join too.

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Hello, can I exchange your postcards? I have meetup postcards from Dongguan, Guangdong, China.

Hi Luk!

I would love to join the group in Gent!

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Dear Luk,

is the meeting still in preparation? At the moment it can only be found as a past meetup and is not in the list of coming meetups.

@EdithK maybe also something for you?

Sorry, i have to cancel this meeting. I have to work, so you can give my place to someone else

Hallo Luk,
Ik sta per ongeluk 2x op de lijst, kan je me van de wachtlijst schrappen? Merci
Heidi (Belgischwitloof)

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Hallo Luk, even een vraagje. Gaat dit door? Zo ja, wij zijn effectief met 2 personen: Soraya en mezelf. (aangezien er maar 20 plaatsen per groep zijn).