Getting Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Postcards Sold Online at the B&O Railroad Museum

Hi All – Baltimore, Maryland, USA has a museum called the “B&O Railroad Museum”. B&O stands for Baltimore and Ohio.

You can find vintage cards all over eBay and elsewhere, but currently none on their website at

Hi think I just talked one of their employees (Eileen) into offering postcards again on their website as they apparently do still have them in the walk-in museum shop. She thought there might not be enough interest in postcards to offer them online.

If you get a chance, please NICELY inquire if they plan to start selling them online. They are tentatively planning to add them but I’m sure a bit of encouragement could not hurt! :innocent:

This is their contact form: Contact Us | B&O Railroad Museum

I already sent her:

Thank you!

Not a giant opportunity, but postcards are a growing hobby. Postcrossing claims 802,819 registered members in 208 different countries ( ).

Try entering this phrase in Google for an idea of how much train discussion is on Google claims about 2300 matches: " trains"

You may pick-up some mail order business from: 1) train buffs, and 2) people trying to represent Baltimore and Ohio when asked to send train postcards.


Thank you for sharing this, Michael! I will have to practice some stealthy suggesting about those postcards!

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