Get mailed a (free) sticker, help study USPS delivery times!

Hello wonderful USA Postcrossers!

There’s an artist and scientist named Kristin Henry in San Francisco who’s running a project collecting data on current USPS delivery times: basically, you fill out a google form, she mails you a sticker (for free!), and she just asks that you email her to tell her what day it arrives :slight_smile:

In order for this to work, it relies on people checking their mailboxes every day, and I thought to myself, “I know EXACTLY the community that already does this!” :laughing:

If you’re interested, Kristin’s written a bit more about the project here:

and the link to the form itself is here:

(The form allows people to specify an international address, but in her post about the form she mentions the US specifically, so I figured I’d play it safe and address this just to US postcrossers just in case.)

Thanks everyone!! :slight_smile:


I filled out the form. Thank you for sharing this❣

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I’ve filled out the form. Cool project! Thanks

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Thank you for sharing!!

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I just filled out he form. Snail Mail for science! :rofl:

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I’m in! Thanks for sharing this fun project with us!

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Interesting project. Love how she is so thorough in her “call for participants”, including how she uses data.
Filled out the form … she does indicate she will send outside US.

TIPS For those from outside the US:

  • The form is “picky” about using a numbered zip code (Canada is letters/numbers). So, I just wrote 123.
  • further down, there is a space to write out your non-US mailing address, in full, line-for-line. This ensures your correct address.

Curiously, there is nothing on the form that states that Kristin will not use addresses for any other purpose. Still, after reading all her information and links, I didn’t feel like I’d be getting endless spams from her in the future. She’s too busy doing her very interesting data projects!

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Filled out the form. That’s some Interesting data she has compiled so far!

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I love this research project so much - thank you for your work and generosity @ArtAtomic, and to @KnittingSofia for spreading the word! :postbox: :heart_decoration: :cactus:

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