German Tilly postcard designs AND colouring pages

Hi folks, I was really impressed by the lovely, fun designs for those German Tilly postcards of 27 German cities & so I did a bit of research online hoping to be able to buy them (you can only get them in person at stores in train stations sadly) & there are some cool videos about the artist & his crew who designed them plus they’ve made free colouring pages of each card for download below:

Here’s 2 of 27:


Actually they are free cards you receive when purchasing something. Many shops just gave them away though.

I can send you one if you like.

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I fixed it & yes, I knew that & forgot - it’s a great promotion, but they clearly don’t recognize how many German Postcrossers plus others outside of Germany might like them eh?

I’d love a card, Thank you!

These cards are such joy!!! I won one (Bremen) in a lottery and it brought a smile to my face once a received it!

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I’ve also first heard of them because of the lottery :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
This is how you design touristic postcards, which aren’t boring :wink: I love them!


For sure :smiley: Some Postcrossers could get whole packages full of cards as the shops were happy to get rid of some as most regular customers didn’t want them :astonished: Unfortunately many train stations don’t participate. It’s only a small selection participating!

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I still miss 2 of them… unfortunately not lucky enough to have a trainstation near where I could get them. but I agree in general very lovely and great cards!

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@LC-Canada @AureliaGould @JuliaBelgium
I have still Tilly cards from every of the 27 cities left, so if you like I can send you some cards :smiley:
Just let me know and write me a private message :smiley:

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This promotion with the postcards is now officially over, it went until August 31.
Of course, they may still be available at some stations, but I wouldn’t count on it. But if you still see some there, just ask if you can have more than one before they are thrown away.

Which cards do you still miss?

I just wanted to ask @Tetsuko the same question :blush:

There are some offers on eBay (1 card for 1€, up to 79€ for a whole set :flushed:). As they were given away as ad cards, without having to pay for them, I find it kind of annoying that some people picked them up to sell…

If you like the cards, just mention them in your profile (“Tilly-Städtekarten”) - I did so and already got some official cards from German Postcrossers. :wink:


@Cassisia and @Angelthecat - Hamburg and München :slight_smile:


Aaah, sorry. Both are out :frowning:

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Cassisia still have them. Still thanks. By the way whats about Arrow? XD

Oops :see_no_evil:

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