Geocaching postcards

Has anyone an idea where to get geocaching postcards from? I only know, is there something else?

I am sure Redbubble has them, or maybe even etsy. If you mean postcards that has images about Geocaching on them.

Minorpostcards had some a while ago.

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Thanks, just checked Redbubble and I found a few :grinning:

No problem, glad you found some.

Here is a Xmas card with this theme

Phoenix post on Etsy has two

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That’s cute, thanks for mentioning!

Nothing available currently, but I found some other lovely cards :rofl:.

There are geocaching post cards!!! :star_struck:

Where? Can you add the name or the website please? Thanks in advance!

There are some geocaching postcards at! They’re really cool - they’re made of wood, and post with a regular stamp.

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Thanks, good hint!

HI! I am new to Postcrossing and this is my first forum post / reply. I wanted to join Geopostcard but are all those cards strictly themed for geography type of postcards? Just making sure before I send one that isn’t geography related on that site. lol

Hi Michelle
I am not familiar with Geopostcard, so I might not be a lot of a help.
Geocaching however is a game where you need to find caches in nature by using coordinates. Has nothing to do with postcrossing but there are cards related to this game.
Hope this helps.