General Questions about Direct Swaps

Hi everyone. I’m not all that new to direct swaps as I’ve been doing it for the last year now. But is there a way or place in which we can perhaps tag/let other users know that the other person’s mail arrived and just to let users in general know they are reliable and won’t scam you

Thank you :sweat_smile::blush:

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The forum guidelines says “Don’t create lists of good/bad members.”, so that would be against the forum guidelines.

While I understand that some want white lists/black lists, I’m glad we don’t have any rating system or list of “good”/“bad” swappers. What if people get a bad rating because the postcard gets lost in the mail? Or if the sender writes “I’m gay” on the postcard and the receiver dislikes that and give a bad rating? Or the receiver loves the received postcard and don’t bother posting publicly/give a rating (and just send a private message)?



The community guidelines say:

Don’t create lists of good/bad members.

But we can always write that the card has arrived in the respective Tag or Swap topic! :wink:


Or directly message them the good news.

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