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This comment should be pinned! So helpful!

Mine took a couple days.

I only had 6 come to my first meet that I hosted and we had a great time.

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I used Walmart once and Walgreens once. Both very affordable… plus without the zillion card minimums that some sites have.

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No. Whether you can enjoy or not is not point for this time.

“Can I invite participants not only here but also on Twitter, Instagram, facebook, etc. at the same time?”
I am simply talking about this.

We just had a meetup and we stamped on the front. Here’s our attendees “stampers”:


That’s a really cool idea!

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hello everyone! i have a question about a meetup idea of mine. i came across a charity for people with developmental issues, and they have an option of commissioning one of their members for a drawing, and, naturally, i thought of commissioning a meetup card design. i’ll pay the full price myself, but i would also like the meetup members to donate to the cause if they decide to participate. is it okay to use a postcrossing logo on a meetup card, if 20-25% of the price of one card will be donated to charity?


Great idea!
But I think this question can best be answered by the @admins

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Just to clarify, are you saying Postcrossing Meetup cards can’t be sold via the forums here?

Thank you.

I am hosting my first Postcrossing Meetup. As I read the rules, IF you use the Postcrossing logo, you can sell the postcards for cost only. It doesn’t matter where the funds are going. So if, by chance, someone did a postcard design for $200.00 plus printing costs, you can divide that per card and sell those at cost. I would encourage you to read the Logo Usage Guidelines page here, completely, to get more information:

They do have this on the “Don’t” list…

Don’t use it to support any cause without checking with us first.

hi! i’ve read the rules, i asure you, it said to check with the admins first and that’s what i did, now patiently waiting for the answer.

i get what you are saying, and i read Vicki’s reply as well, but i am not asking about selling the cards with the Logo - my question is about using the Meet Up card design with the official logo to support charity, as both of the logos will be next to each other and have an underlying meaning of Postcrossing supporting the cause.

however, i do not think it is allowed to charge meet up members for the design of the card? unless it was chosen by all of them before printing, under an agreement. I’m handling all the design aspects myself and letting the participant decide whether or not they want to partake in the printing process and get the final result in a card form. but if they do decide to partake, i am letting them know that by doing so, they support the said charity as 20-25% of the cost of printing each card i will donate.

so i am basically asking Postcrossing the same question - are you okay by me donating to the charity in your name and in the name of the participants of the meet up? :slight_smile:

Ah, I see. Thanks for clarifying. I’ve sent @mundoo a message too, and haven’t heard back. Best of luck to you in finding answers - and for your fundraising. Happy Postcrossing.

How do i post a meetup myself?? The way to do a thread myself isn’t clear to me. Can’t see anything for this to be able to do it?? Thanks guys!! I wanna start a group on Facebook for a meetup, so stay tuned!!

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Where should people post to collaborate for future meetups? Would that be this thread?

Yes, here or better in their Language & Geographical Communities , if there is an active one.


Hello. I’ve been organizing meetups for several times. I am considering making postcards of photos taken at meetups to give away to attendees, but I have concerns about privacy. We are considering putting a note on the postcard saying ‘please do not upload this photo’, but there is a possibility that the recipient may ignore this. Is there a better way to avoid this problem? Sending out a one-off postcard would seem to be the best solution, but can you advise on any other possible ways to avoid this?

The attached image is for illustration purposes.


Once a photo is printed…it can be shared widely. Can I ask - would it be an option to distribute the photo in material form (old fashioned prints that are not turned into postcards)? Or perhaps someone has a Instant Camera like a Polaroid that prints tiny photos at the Meetup?

I’ve been sending photos in jpg format via mesage.