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@eta55 Thanks for the invitation for the Virtual MeetUp.

I found the calender
but I can not see the listing. The ‘more’ button won’t let me see more listings.

Does the listing contain the Zoom link?

@Wolfsmondfee thanks for sharing that in Germany postcards can be mailed prior to meeting. Can I ask, how is payment made for purchasing and mailing the postcards between postcrossers?

@Norway_girl II am glad to hear that the participants will pay for the cards. As to pay to design, print and organise hosting a meet up ,sounds like there is a lot of effort for a meet up to do voluntarily. Thanks for the advice.


Hi everyone! :tulip:
I’ve an urgent emergency and don’t know who to ask or where to find an answer. Maybe I missed a part of the FAQ- but also my friends couldn’t help me.
I launched a Meetup on the 1st of October in Bonn, Germany and published it in the German area of the Forum (in English). I understood that a moderator will check it and will than official add it to the big map where all meetings worldwide are shown. The Meetup is already listed on the event calender but still missing on this worldmap.:thinking:
What can I do?
I hope this is the right spot here to find an answer. :confused:

Has now :slight_smile:

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What is the link to the meeting please?

The zoom meeting is shown at

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@seaview, I would also say that it’s typical participants will pay for the meetup cards (the amount they want) and also shipping costs if they want the cards to be sent to them prior to the meeting.

After all, the demand might be quite high, printing a 1000 meetup postcards would not be unusual, I can’t imagine host paying for all of that.

As for payment, usually the host will tell you their preferred method - in my experience it would either be by bank transfer or Paypal or similar.


Meetup in Bonn- 1th of October 2021 - Meetups / Germany - Postcrossing Community

This is the link to the Meetup in Bonn, Germany.
Thank yooou! :relaxed: :postcrossing:

Thanks for the link. I was mystified why it hadn’t show up for me since you added it on 1 Sept.

I realised after looking at it closely there is a programming anomaly with the forum reporting function.

I haven’t added it yet (will do so in the next day) as I need to document the anomaly before adding the meeting.



Thank you for your patience. The anomaly has been rectified and your meeting has been added to the calendar. Have a great meeting.


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Wonderful. :heart_eyes:
Thank you, Vicki!!
I’m so glad it worked all out now. :blush:

I want to set up a new meetup, but I haven’t seen how to post or post button for a long time. I can only see others

Hello from Mumbai city!

Could you guide me on how to share the details of a new meet-up event. This meet-up is planned to be held on 1st October 2021 to celebrate World Postcard Day. Any guidance appreciated. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


same here…

Hi Kedaar,

The admins will review your post here and add it to the meeting calendar soon.

I’m looking forward to attending this meeting too!


Hi Vernon,

Thanks for connecting.
See you soon.


Hi everyone.

I would love to organise a postcrossing meet-up in my hometown but never organised something like this before. Are there any guidelines, restrictions etc. Or can I just set a date, invite people to a meet-up location, create meet-up postcards and just let the meet-up happen?

I appreciate any help or experience.

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Annikar -

Read my post of 24 July in this thread, it may be of some use to you.

If I make and sell postcards, am I allowed to sell them at a meet-up or advertise my Etsy shop at a meet-up?


If you are including the Postcrossing logo, then no, you cannot sell those postcards at a meeting or on Etsy etc.

Any postcard designed for the meeting that includes the Postcrossing logo must comply with the logo usage guidelines (read the User manual) and then can only be sold for the cost of printing to other members at the meeting only.

If you are not using the Postcrossing logo, then depending on the image (which may be subject to copyright, you need to check this) you can do whatever you wish with the postcard.