Garden meetup Drachten 8 juni 2024

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Drachten
:round_pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: De Wrottersploech, Noorderend 20A, 9207 AL Drachten
:calendar: DATE: 8 june 2024
:alarm_clock: TIME: 13.00
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

Hello everyone,

On saterday 8 of June I organize a meetup at our garden, it will be a small meetup for 10 people. It is outside but is the weather not good enough to be outside, we can go to a restaurant, I let it know a week before the meetup.

We will meet at 13.00 pm and we can go stamp, sticker and write cards and books

A small contribution (5 euros) will be requested for drinks and snacks if the meetup is on the garden (if meetup is in a restaurant you can pay your own drinks)

additional addition:
everyone brings a gift of about 5 euros (postcrossing related, but something else is also allowed) The presents will be distributed by lottery at the meeting.

The meetup card wil be designed later.
The postcards will be paid in advance, you’ll receive the postcards at the meeting. (it’s not possible to order meetingcards if you’re not attending the meeting)

Drachten has no train station, but you can go by train to Heerenveen and take a bus to Drachten

I would like to create a WhatsApp group where I show the meeting card and can send tikkies for the cards (and drinks, snacks)

After you have registered, please send me a private message with your telephone number

Mariska (victoriairis)
Rowena (Rowena2403)
Frank (frankie)
Annalies (madeofthis)
Ilse (jaynillo) ovb
Linda (dutchislandgirl) ovb
Anja (cleo1)
Marika (Marika050)
Jessica (itsagoldsky)


Wil je mij en @frankie als ovb op de lijst plaatsen alsjeblieft :blush:

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Leuk, ik kom graag!

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Ja leuk voor nu graag wel nog op ovb

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Ik kom graag ovb :slight_smile:

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Wat een leuk idee. Ik geef mij graag op.

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Wil je mij ook ovb toevoegen?

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Wat leuk! Ik geef mij graag op.

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De ovb van mij en @Frankie mag eraf :smiley:

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Leuk dat jullie komen :slight_smile:

Helaas, 8 juni gaat me niet lukken. Hopelijk tot gauw op een andere meeting

Ik kom graag :slight_smile:



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