Fundraising Drive for the Environmental Defense Fund

Hi everyone,

My New Year’s resolution is to reduce my carbon footprint. This got me thinking about ways to offset the environmental impact of sending postcards.

I think it would be cool to start a Postcrossing Fundraising Campaign to support the Environmental Defense Fund.

Here’s their mission statement:

What distinguishes EDF from others is the combination of what we protect and how we protect it. We work to solve the most critical environmental problems facing the planet, focusing on mitigating climate change, restoring the ocean’s bounty, protecting wildlife and their habitats, and safeguarding our health. Since these topics are intertwined, our solutions take a multidisciplinary approach. We work in concert with other organizations-as well as with business, government and communities-and avoid duplicating work already being done effectively by others.

The Environmental Defense Fund has a platinum rating on Charity Navigator, and you can read their full transparency report here: - Environmental Defense Fund

As far as collecting donations, GoFundMe has a campaign type specifically for donating to nonprofits. The donations would go directly to the Environmental Defense Fund. More details about how that works here: - Charity Fundraiser Withdrawals

If others on here are interested I can reach out to Postcrossing and ask for permission to use their name and logo. I’m also happy to handle the logistics of setting up the campaign

Thanks and Happy New Year!


I like the idea. How would the fundraiser work?