FULL ------- 25 september 2022 - meetup in RENESSE

:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: davila’s kitchen&bar , Hogezoom 185 , 4325BH ,Renesse
:calendar: DATE: 25-09-2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10:00 AM
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

hello everyone,

on sunday september 25th i am organizing a meeting in renesse, renesse is a small village in the province of Zeeland.

renesse is accessible by public transport.

we will meet at the transferium between 10:30am and 11Am Here you can park for free and the bus also stops here. (Roelandsweg 11, 4325 CS Renesse)
here we can take a very nice group photo at mega large beach chairs. at 11:15 we’ll start walking to the village.
from here we will walk through the village and do some card shopping for those who want to buy some postcards. here are many tourist postcards for sale.
and we will also walk past a bakery that sells Zeeuwse bolussen, you can’t miss this one if you visit Zeeland.
after this we are going to the meetup place(davila’s kitchen&bar), here we are welcome at 12PM and , we can go stamp ,sticker, and write cards and books.
we have lunch around the clock of 13 PM. ( lunch has to be given in advance at request from the resaurant) LUNCHKAART

a postcrossing meetup card will be designed for this meetup. The design you can see here :arrow_down:
and will cost 0.40 cents each.

there is room for a maximum of 14 people.
1 Rowena2403 - 20 cards P
2 Frankie - 30 cards P
3 Florisca- 10 cards P
5 Pareltje21 - 15 cards P
6 KarinH- 15 cards P
7 Andrea236- 51 cards P
8-9 Chantal-Tall-Cross + amy - 30 cards P
10 Victoriairis - 30 cards P
11 Iris - 20 cards P
12 Natasja12 - 12 cards P
13 Augusta13



Count me in :blush:

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Sounds fun! I will probably be on holiday in the neighbourhood at that time. Please add me to the list :blush:

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Ah jammer van de datum, ik ga in juli een weekend naar Zeeland.
In de buurt van Renesse!
Veel plezier.

Count me and muppet 450 in please ovb

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Count me in, please. It will be my first meetup.

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I don’t know what to do with my vacantion but count me in ovb

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Please can you count me in on a maby it’s far away but will be my first official meet. I’m from Zeeland :grin:

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We (Iris & Mariska) would like to come :grinning:


Can you take me off the list please. I’m on holiday that weekend

Hello, I like to come too :slight_smile:


Can you please put my little girl ass well on a maby she is 9 years old.


Ja hoor, als je een naam geeft zal ik ze erbij zetten.
Leuk hoor :slight_smile:

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Amy :relaxed:

Hello from Germany :relieved:

would anybody of the participants like to swap with me a signed meetup card from your comming meetup? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Please send me a PM if like to swap with me, thank you :four_leaf_clover:

In return, I can offer you :eyes:

HzB’s swap offer __ signed meetup cards

or if you are not a meetup card collector :eyes:

HzB’s swap offer __ normal postcards __ sorted by topic

HzB’s swap offer __ Harenberg Calendar Postcards __ sorted by topic

Enjoy your comming meetup and have fun :fountain_pen: :postcard:

Happy Postcrossing :partying_face:

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kun je me van de lijst af halen.heb die dag al wat


hebben jullie al enig idee hoeveel kaarten jullie zouden willen bestellen ?
en voor degene die op maybe staan… weten jullie al of jullie kunnen komen :smiley: ?



Graag 10 kaarten.

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I would have 51 cards,please