FULL ------- 24 September 2022 - Meetup YERSEKE

:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: kerkplein,4401 ED, Yerseke
:calendar: DATE: 24-09-2022
:alarm_clock: TIME: 10:00 AM
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

Hello everyone,
on September 24 I am organizing a meeting in Yerseke.
yerseke is located in Zeeland. and very known of the oysters.

the plan is to gather at kerkplein 14, at 10-10:15am. ( the tour starts at 10:30 so be there in time)
free parking is possible at : kerkplein or paardenmarkt.
this place can also be reached by public transport, the nearest bus stop is at the marijkelaan in yerseke.

what’s the plan:

around the clock of 10:30 we start with a private tour of yerseke, we will visit the oyster pits, and if we are lucky we can also hold a lobster or taste an oyster.
during this tour they will tell you things about yerseke. this tour lasts 1.5 hours .

!!!if there are not enough participants for the tour, I will be forced to cancel the meetup, because the tour is in combination with the location. minimum number of participants for the tour must be 10 .!!!

When registering please indicate whether you want to participate in the tour

after the tour we will settle in kerkelijk centrum de haven ( paardenmarkt 8 ) here we will have lunch and stamp,sticker and write our postcards.

LUNCH IS 17,50 PER PERSON and includes 2 sandwiches per person : ham or cheese sandwiches, frikandel/croquette sandwiches.
drink: coffee, tea and soda. ( gewone koffie , gewone thee , cola , sinas, sprite, water )
( any other drinks like capucinno, wine, beer or anything else like ice tea, cassis, fristi, chocomel, verse munt thee are cost extra )
and of course a zeeuwse bolus.
:arrow_right:unfortunately there is no refund of the money for the tour and food if you do not come. :arrow_left:

a meeting card will be designed for this meetup.
this will cost 0.40 cents each, and the cards you’ll get at the meetup place.

:arrow_right: lunch, tour and postcards will have to be paid in advance in THE FIRST WEEK OF SEPTEMBER, so keep this in mind. :arrow_left:

there is room for a maximum of 16 people
1 Rowena2403 - 35 cards
2 Frankie - 35 cards
3 Andrea236- 51 cards won’t do the tour
4 + 5 florisca + Addy - 10 cards
6 victoriairis - 20 cards
7 victoriairis daughter - 10 cards
8 opec- 40 cards
9 Veke250 - won’t do the tour
10 Nelly - won’t do the tour
11 Hermelina63 - 10 cards
12 Ansjansen - 10cards
13 jeroen - 15 cards
14 jana - 15 cards
15+16 MZLA + riekjuh - 15 cards

1 rowena2403
2 frankie
3 florisca
4 florisca’s mom Addy
5 victoriairis
6 victoriairis daughter
7 victoriairis husband
8 ansjansen
9 Hermelina63
10 jeroen
11 jana
13 riekjuh
14 opec


if there are any questions, please ask.

it’s not possible to order cards when you not come to the meetup sorry

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I don’t know what to do with my vacation but count me in ovb
I do’nt do the tour

Count me and muppet 450 in ovb

I want to join this meeting but I have to think about the tour.

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Please count me on on a maby :heart_eyes:

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Me too with maybe. And I like to do the tour of I come. My father was born in Yerseke, but I have never visited it yet. So this is a good opportunity :blush:

We (iris & Mariska) would like to come :grinning:

Put me on a maybe (Ovb) don’t do the tour :wink: Otherwise i have to get up so early

Me and Nelly like to join. We’re not doing the tour.

Count me in, so nearby I can come on my bike.

Can I bring my mother? She would like to do the tour too, as long as she doesn’t have to taste an oyster :grin:


Count me in please.

Ik wil ook graag met de tour meedoen.
Groetjes, Ans

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I will join the tour.

Hoi Rowena en Frankie, wij willen graag komen. Ook de tour. Zetten jullie ons op de lijst? Dank. Groetjes, Jeroen en Jana (kwiksa)

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List updated today

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Ik wil graag meedoen, ook voor de tour

Mn dochter wil ook graag, ook met de tour.

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Can you take me off the list please. I’m on holiday that weekend.

My mom would also like to join the lunch and signing of the cards :blush: