Full - 19 March 2023 - Spring meetup 't Loo

:world_map: CITY/REGION: 't Loo - Oldebroek
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: restaurant of Landal holiday park 't Loo
:calendar: DATE: 19 March 2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 11.30 - 12.00 hours
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

Sunday 19 / 3, I want to host a meeting in the restaurant of Landal 't Loo.
For now the maximum for this meeting is 20 peope โ€“ Iโ€™m going to be in touch with the park / restaruant to see if some more people are welcome if more than 20 people want to come.
We gather around 11.30 โ€“ 12.00 o clock at the restaurant of this park and start with lunch.
After that we can write cards /meetup books & chat with each other.
The end time is left open for now. If youโ€™d like to stay for dinner that is possible as well (dinner reservations will be made there on the spot).
There is no option to go for card shopping at local stores โ€ฆ other than the park reception & park supermarket (some touristic cards).
That is also why this meetup has a spring clean up theme โ€ฆ feel free to bring your own stash of postcards and write them there as a meetup card. :slight_smile:

Iโ€™ve designed a meetup postard - itโ€™s 40 cents per card - and Iโ€™ll give it to you at the meeting. Feel free to order in advance. Iโ€™ll send a tikkie for the total amount once Iโ€™ve ordered the cards.

Card 1 (original car wich most people ordered)

Card 2 which has been designed by Wilma Touw at request of one of the participants - costs 55 cents per card.
spring meetup t loo

Card 3 which has been designed by one of our German participants:

For those who already ordered their cards - you can alter amount and / order a few more cards. :slight_smile:
I know itโ€™s a bit last minute but weโ€™ll sort it out somehow. :wink: :slight_smile:

How to get there?
This park can only be reached with your own car. If you want to come by train you need to order a cab at train station 't Harde or Wezep. :frowning: If members come by car, they could offer to pick up some members at either one of those train stations.
For this reason Iโ€™m more than willing to start a whatsapp group for this meeting if you want to communicate about this.
Free parking at the main car park at the entrance!

Here is more info on how to get to this location:


  1. chris121 โ€“ Christine
  2. Marianne (collegue of Christine & no postcrossing account) OVB 10 cards 1 - 10 cards 2 - 10 cards 3
  3. LiveLaughLoveLeafs - could also pick up people from the train station - max. 4 people. 20 Cards No.1 - 20 cards No 2 - 5 cards No. 3
  4. Prisha - 30 cards no. 1 - 25x card No. 2
  5. Weselfee79 - 50 cards no. 1 - 35 cards No. 2
  6. Itsagolsky (OVB - en kan max. 3 mensen oppikken van treinstation) - 15 cards no. 1 - 5 cards no. 2
  7. SuzanneMartijn - could use a ride from the train station - Kaart 1: 5 stuks - Kaart 2: 15 stuks - Kaart 3: 10 stuks
  8. Mir1990 - 11 card 1 - 20x card 2 - 5x card 3
  9. Miranda78 - 10 cards no. 1.
  10. Willempie__ 10 cards no. 2
  11. Postcrossingbo
  12. Madeofthis (kan eventueel 2/3 mensen oppikken bij NS station Kampen Zuid) - 10 cards no. 2
  13. Deeske (samen met Harry) - Had to cancel for meetup
  14. Annerie - 10 cards no. 1 - 20 cards no. 2 - 2 cards no 3.
  15. Ineke54 (kan eventueel 2 mensen oppikken in 't Harde) - 15 cards no. 1 - 5 cards no. 2 - 5 cars No 3.
  16. Theetje00 - 10 cards no. 1 - 1 card no. 2 - 1 card no. 3
  17. RoelieBroekman - 12 cards no. 1 - 1 card no. 2 - 1 card no. 3
  18. Bora1976 - 15 cards no. 1 - 10 cards no. 2
  19. Anne24 - 5 cards no. 1 - 15 cards no. 2 - 15 cards no 3
  20. Danee1982 - 20 cards no. 1 - 20 cards no. 2
  21. IamfromHK - 10 cards no. 2

For this meetup I am starting a Whatsapp group for all of those people who could do with a ride from the train station or for those who are offering a ride from train station to the park.
Could you let me know your cellphone number if you want in this group? Your phone number will not be shared outside this group!
Be aware that the other participants will also be able to see your phone number - but after the meetup you can always leave this whatsapp group if you want to receive no further messages :wink: :wink:


I would like to come :+1:

If necessary I could pick up people of the train station. Max 4 people.


I would love to join and @LiveLaughLoveLeafs it would be great if you could pick me up from the trainstation.


Thats fine, Wich trainstation?

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Count me in with @Weselfee79

That would be fun to meet each other. Hope we can speak good to each other because I just speak german and english.

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Ihello . I would like to come with @Prisha to this meeting . We would join it. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:please put us in i am not so good in dutch but can speak English or german



Ik zou graag willen deelnemen (onder voorbehoud) Eventueel zou ik drie mensen kunnen oppikken van een treinstation :wink:

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Ik wil graag komen naar de Meeting t Loo in Oldebroek.
Ik wil graag dat iemand bij het treinstation komt ophalen.
Ik heb geen auto

Ik woon zelf in Lelystad, wat is het handigst , wezep of t harde ?

Ik zie er erg naar uit

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Ter info: treinstation 't Harde ligt naast rijksweg A28 bij de afslag die je moet nemen om richting 't Loo - Oldebroek te gaan.
Is het een optie voor mensen om daar te verzamelen bijv? - Voor Wezep moet je een stuk doorrijden Wezep in.

Ik wil graag komen naar Loo in Apeldo

Ik k
om met de trein naar t harde

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I speak English so I think that s going to be fine @ the meeting :+1:

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Please count me in

graag als OVB op de lijst . :slight_smile:

Ik wil ook graag komen. wel onder voorbehoud ik weet mijn werkrooster namelijk nog niet. :smiley:

I would like to join please. Thank you

Count me in please. Thank you.

't Harde of Wezep maakt voor mij niet uit. Ik reis sowieso gratis in het weekend

Leuk, ik ben er graag bij!
Ik kan, als het handig is, maximaal 3 mensen oppikken van station Kampen Zuid (handig voor de mensen die vanuit de richting Lelystad komen)

For English: I can pick up 3 people from train station Kampen Zuid. Easiest for people coming from the direction of Amsterdam/Lelystad

graag onderbehoud
Wil je mijn man harry achter mij zetten