FULL ----- 16 September 2023 MINI Meetup LANDGRAAF - Mondo Verde

:world_map: CITY/REGION: Familiepark Mondo Verde,Groene Wereld 10,6372 PW Landgraaf
:pushpin: MEETUP PLACE: Familiepark Mondo Verde
:calendar: DATE: 16-09-2023
:alarm_clock: TIME: 9:30 AM
:page_facing_up: MEETUP PLAN:

Hello all,

on September 16th I am organizing a postcrossing meetup.

this time in family park mondo verde.

it is a small park.
there is a small amusement park for childeren, a small zoo, and many ornamental gardens.

there is also all you can eat.
see attached photo what is included.

the meeting will start early, so you can still enjoy the park afterwards.

a meetup postcard will be designed. ( these have to be paid in advance trough direct banktransfer - i have no paypal, and you’ll get the meetup cards on the meetup day itself )

a whatsapp group will be created .

Gathering 9:30AM
this so that we can go straight in at 10 AM.
there is an indoor location where we can sit.

we will write, stamp and sticker meetup postcards.
and also we will write books in meetup.

Unfortunately I will have to set a maximum number of postcards, because otherwise your day will be of no use to you.

after the meetup you are free to go through the park and eat, see the animals, see the gardens and much more.

see attached photo for regular prices:

and otherwise this deal:
Mondo Verde, Dagentree voor park Mondo Verde + onbeperkt eten en drinken bespaar 24% in Tilburg via Social Deal BUT THIS DEAL IS NOT UNLIMITED AVAILABLE

the entrance fee is for your own costs !!!
this does not include the meetup postcards

for now i have decided to set the meetup to 8 people.

if you have any questions feel free to ask.

:arrow_right:The ones who comes as a maybe i’ll put at the bottom of the list.
No worries, You’re still at the list, but now i have a better overview.:arrow_left:

1 Rowena2403
2 Frankie
3 Specialhorse
4 Carolien25
5 Robinchen - DE
6 Blijdatikschrijf



Ik kom graag. Ben er nog nooit geweest :slight_smile:

Hi Rowena, i would love to join you. Can you add me as a maybe?

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Ik meld mij graag ovb aan. Dank je wel!

Ik zou mij ook als een misschien willen opgeven.

Ik wil graag mee!

Ik wil ook graag komen!

Ik wil heel graag komen

I would like to come

Wat leuk! Ik ken het niet en het ziet er veelbelovend uit😊

Count me in please :smiley:

Ja leuk ik wik graag komen

Hoi Rowena, je mag mij van de lijst afhalen.
Gr. Bo

I would like to come to this meeting ;o)

Rowena is the WhatsApp group already created? Shall I send my phone number now or will it be a while until you are ready with the group?

the group is quickly created.
but I think in a week or two I’ll be adding everyone.

you can send your mobile phone number in a private message.

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I am so sorry Rowena but I have to cancel this one. Hope to meet you another time.

There was sent a message to those who I don’t have a phone number from.
Please respond :slight_smile:

kan ik je gsm nummer nog ontvangen of kom je niet ?

can you give me you’re mobile number ?

Dear Rowena,
Maybe it´s best to take me off the list, because I am not using Whatsapp.
Hope you will have lots of fun and hope I will meet most of you at another meeting,