From China, want to exchange Russian postcards

Hello, I’m from China. I’m very interested in Russia’s history, culture and local customs. I really hope to have a Russian pen pal. I can also talk to you about my daily life in China. But I’m still a novice at present. Maybe you need to communicate with me about relevant matters.
Thank you!

嗨! 我叫戴安娜! 我来自俄罗斯的心脏,更确切地说来自萨马拉地区。 我们的地区就像一颗心,这就是为什么我总是这样开玩笑)我准备帮助你学习俄罗斯文化,习俗,并向你展示俄罗斯现实生活中的一些风景! 并不是互联网上的所有来源都会显示现实)

You are so kind that you specially replied to me in Chinese. So how can I contact you? I’m sorry I’m still a novice.

你可以写信给我的instagram"SHOKA63"或通过电子邮件" "
I hope I’m writing correctly. I don’t know any foreign languages at all and I write with the help of a translator

Hello, nice to meet you.I am very willing to exchange postals with you, but I have exchanged several postcards from Russia, so if you don’t mind, can you show me your postcard or stamp?

In fact, I have sent an email to your email, and it seems that you haven’t received it.