From cereal boxes to masterpieces: free drawing template for unique postcards

Good morning, let’s dive into the fascinating world of postcard art again. I made a new 3D printed drawing template, that is free to download.

With this template (there are now two different ones!) you can now turn any piece of paper into a cool postcard and really let your creativity run wild.

How the postcard template was created?

This little free template for everyone is based on a profile, I red before sending a card a few weeks ago. I red in this profile:

… or you can always cut A PIECE OF CARDBOARD FOOD PACKAGE SOLD IN YOUR HOME COUNTRY (cookies, fried meals, dry fruit, etc.) in about postcard size (4 x 6 inch / 10 x 15 cm, then they fit better in my album) the other side of the cardboard for stamps, address and add a few words what the product is about, translation of the text etc… I will love it, and for no cost!

(Member TheDutchman - I already informed him and he was happy about and to publish (t)his idea.)

Of course I sent a usual, but pretty card - but this paragraph stayed in my head and is the reason I made this free postcard template for your 3D printer. It is so easy to recycle :recycle: cardboards now :slight_smile:

If you like, you may download this in my blog here: Von Müslipackungen zu Meisterwerken: Kostenlose Zeichenschablone für einzigartige Postkarten! |, das Familienblog

Or hop ober to Thingiverse or Cults3D and search for Postcrossing… there are just a few results - but you will find it.

All you have to do then, is print it with a 3d printer.

If you have any ideas, what to add or make better, I would love to hear from you. Thank you very much for reading and have a nice Sunday :heart:

Peace on earth :earth_americas:

P.S. Please ignore mistakes :see_no_evil: I only had English in school… that’s long ago :woozy_face:



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Wow that is a really cool idea. I love it. Unfortunately I do not have a 3D Printer :confused: so I can’t use it. But the idea is really great.

You might also make a template for DIN lang format. To give more variety for the image on the Food Package.

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So cool!!!
And your English is excellent!

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Thank you for your effort and your help!

Your English is much better than my high-school German!



This is a great idea. So it started with A6 and … let’s see where we end with :smiley: :+1:
Btw. in many cities are 3d printing shops … like the copy shops from the 90s. They may print it - but I have no idea what they take for this.

Have a nice Sunday :heart:

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thank you for the advice. Yes we have here such a printing shop. I will go there and ask what it would cost and maybe print me the templates, as they seem to be very handy :heart:

Have a nice sunday too!

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Great idea ! But 3D printer … it’s a future for me… :woman_shrugging:
Never saw here possibility to print something 3D

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For those of you who do not own 3D printers, there are also some libraries or places called ‘makerspaces’ that can offer this! It may have a fee, though.

Alternately, someone with a 3d printer could likely make some money by selling these via etsy or similar :smiley:


Cute idea :slight_smile:

But to be honest I don’t think you have to go to great lengths like using 3d printer to make a card.

I can turn anything into a postcard using scissors and ruler


I agree

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sure I agree - but I’m to clumsy to make it nice. So I think it is a really handy tool to have and looks great and nice too ^^


What a great idea - My cardstock templates always break !

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so I made an update and uploaded them to Thingiverse and Cults3D.

The main reason was the time and the material, that was necessary to print the templates:

This was the first of its kind: A6-Format:

The second is A6 Format with a box in the middle - for the Prostcrossing ID / weather etc.

The Idea of @Tetsuko - the DIN Lang Format … with less material to print faster with less cost.

And the “old” A6 Format, also with less material to print faster with less cost.

I hope you like it - I´ll update my blog in the afternoon to (writing this from work :wink: )

Have a nice day and happy Postcrossing



Thanks, Jürgen! I do occasionally send food-box postcards, to those who request them. They’re something I enjoy receiving.
I don’t have a 3-D printer, although a friend who lives a distance from me does, as do some of the art schools. I’ll look into finding a place that will print this for me–surely there are U.S. places online. A friend has a Cricut, which I’m sure can also cut something like this, although this is much more sturdy.
Very fun, creative idea! Thanks again for posting!

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Thanks for the templates :slight_smile:
A student I know printed these for me


@rusty_invader First, I think you must be trolling for complements - your English is just fine!:grin: And, second, I love your template, but I just use a blank back. The actual stamps cover that corner, and I write the address without lines. Sometimes I put a piece of thin washi tape for the vertical line between the address and the message. But, I admit, your version is much more neat and professional looking!

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