Friends from new york!

Hello! I introduce myself, my name is Johnny and I live in Barcelona.
One of my dreams is to be able to visit New York City. I have read countless guides, but what better than being able to exchange letters and postcards with those who live there!
I would love to receive little details from your city, maybe a metro or bus map, a small coin… I don’t know if one day I will fulfill my dream, but until then any little detail would make me closer to your magnificent city.
What can I offer you? little things related to my city, Barcelona and who knows if a good friendship that “crosses the pond”.
Until then, here’s a friend!



hi! i live nyc. message me if you are interested in swapping some stuff!

Hello! I’m glad to hear that! Do you want me to write to you first? I have no problem. Have a great day!


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