French middle school craving for postcards from around the world

Hello everyone !

My name is Myriam and I am a History/Geography teacher in a middle school in Provence (southeast of France). My pupils are aged 12 to 15 and I started a “Postcrossing club” for them to learn how to write in a foreign language (English mostly but some students learn also Spanish).

They would love to exchange with pupils in same age (12-15) and to be sending and receiving postcards from all around the world while practicing English (and Spanish).
The subjects can be as various as you want: culinary traditions, celebrations, monuments, natural beauties from your part of the world.

You can write to me if you’re interested and I will give our email and postal address ! Hope to hear from you soon !!



I’ll pm you

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Hello Yvonne, you are in the international section of the, please write in English, thanks.

I would write a card. Please send me the adress and the name of the teacher. Thanks.

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Hi Myriam,
I work in an Australian high school library and French is taught at the school. We would love to exchange postcards with you! At the moment we are in lockdown and students are learning from home but I’m sure we could arrange something. It might be a project students could work on. I’ll contact our French teachers and also send you a PM.
Best wishes,

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I’d like to join you ! But I don’t know how to send PM. Please tell me your address ,I’ll send you a postcard from Qingdao,China.

Hi, I’m eagerly looking for chances to help my students (about 60, 16-17years old) to make pen pals through postcrossing with English writing. If you don’t mind their age, could we have the chance to exchange postcards with each other? I’m also willing to have further understanding of your project. Thank you.