Free sticker labels USA only

Update: All 5 free envelopes are claimed however as stated in my post if anyone else wants some labels send me a self addressed stamped envelope. And I will return it with some in them. PM me for questions on how to send a (SASE) and to let me know you would like some.

For everyone else who sent a request I will have those in the mail for y’all tomorrow thank you!

I bought way too many of these labels and wanted to send a few envelopes for free to the first 5 that comment. I have tons so after all has been claimed if anyone else wants any of them then if you send me a self address stamped envelope. I will mail some back to you as well.
18 large labels and 8 small floral labels will be included per envelope.

  1. @reptilequeen
  2. @ellistrations
  3. @Ripnami_lover_WOF
  4. @Annazon
  5. @marora


Oh I’d love some pretty please !


@reptilequeen you got it :wink:

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Thank you so so much

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Would love some, please! So pretty!


@ellistrations I’ll message you for your address :slightly_smiling_face:

I love those!

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Those are so pretty!

PM sent!

Did I make the cut?:blush:

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@Annazon yes I’ll send you a message

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I’m also interested please if there are any left. Thank you!