Free Postcards

OK. Here I go again. I’m overstocked with postcards to send and I have to downsize. I’ll happily share with folks in the USA for free. If you want to send me stickers or a homemade card (or a postcard of Elvis or a rock star) for my personal collection, in exchange, that’s fine, but, if not, that’s fine, too. I have more than 200 postcards of many different themes, most 4x6 inches, all in mint condition – all “clean”, and I have to get rid of them. I will send at least 10 to anyone who asks. Please help me find a new home ASAP for all my extras!





If this is an offer only for people in the USA, maybe it would be better to post it in #communities:north-america :blush:


Pm sent

Sending pm

Sending PM

I’d be happy to take some off your hands if you have any left.

I’m interested too :slight_smile:

How neat! I would like to take some off your hands. :smiley: Sending a PM.

Thank you for the generous offer!

Sending PM!! :grin:

pm sent

I’d love to take some off your hands If you have any left.

Sending PM :blush:

I would love to have a few if you have any left. Sending PM.

I received mine today! Thank you!! Im gonna send a few back maybe you can regift to someone. Plus a few stickers!!

Are you still sending them? I’d like some if so. Happy 2024!

If there are still some left let me know. I would like to see everyone soon.


No, sorry. None left. They went fast.