Fountain Pens and the DC Pen Show 8/7-8/8

Are any Postcrossers attending the DC Pen show coming up 8/7-8/8, and is there any interest in a meetup? It’s a ticketed event, so I figured I’d post here first to see if anyone’s going, before posting in the meetup forum.

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excited gasp



Oh my gosh it is most definitely a thing!!! Pre covid, the DC pen show was a true fountain pen super show. There were endless tables of both new and vintage vendors, along with a sea of pen enthusiasts to network, and even trade, with!

I have trouble committing to a fountain pen without being able to hold it and try it first, so pen shows are great for that. Plus sometimes they’ll have interesting seminars and classes.

Another fantastic one, though a lot smaller (but more personal and manageable), is the Philly Pen Show in January. I love that one and can’t wait for 2022 =]

I will definitely need to go to the Philly one. DC is just a touch too far for me to travel right now.

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I had never heard of such a thing :o My sister is the real pen aficionado. I find a pen that works and keep buying that same one until I find something better. I’m awaiting her response to see if we’ll do.

Thanks for the info!

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I collect cards of pens and inks, including ad cards…if you happen to see any please keep me in mind!

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I’ll be at DC pen show, probably on Sunday the 8th. My plans are pretty flexible, but I’d be interested in meeting up.

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Since the show should be quite time consuming, I was thinking of doing our own postcrossing meetup during the pen show ‘after hours’ - usually that means the pen enthusiasts (friends, strangers, vendors…) gather at the hotel bar and talk pens and inks til the bar closes. I’m hoping to rope some of my pen friends into Postcrossing.

We could meet up and write a few postcards. Talk about pens and cards (and how to preserve ink on said cards), share any interesting postcard stories.

I wish I were better with digital art, otherwise I’d make and print some postcards for the weekend. It would be the perfect venue to spread the word about Postcrossing :slight_smile:

Just in case anyone is interested, I decided to print postcards for the meetup, and have planned to host a meetup after the show: