Fountain pen inks for international postcards

Hi All,
I am new to postcrossing and write exclusively with fountain pens. Any advice of good inks for postcards? I often worry that if the cards are exposed to moisture in transit the ink will run. I have also run into a ‘feathering’ issue on certain kinds of cards. Any advice on good postcard stock that handles FP ink better?

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Yes, you do need to worry about that - lots of regular pens run or smear when postcards get damp or wet. I don’t know what the fountain pen solution is though, other than using an envelope which isn’t really what you want eh? - good luck!

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Look here: Fountain Pens


Not sure if this helps since you say you write Exclusively with fountain Pens. I almost always write with a rolling ball pen like those from Pilot. I also use the Uniball Impact 207 pen.

Check out this guide:

I recently bought a bottle of this, and have been very happy so far

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I don’t love using waterproof ink in my fountain pens, so I tend to use a piece of clear packaging tape or rub a wax candle over the card - and I haven’t had any problems. I use wax seals, so I buy tea light candles in bulk - they’re small enough to carry on me if I’m planning to write while I’m out.

I use wax to coat the text! It works like a charm! Just rub a white candle on top and you’re good to go! Just make sure the ink has dried completely though!