FOTW, MOTW and other collections: Sent from origin or not sent form origin?

Hello! I really want to start out a collection of FOTWs so I am planning to buy some cards soon, however, I notice that a lot of people want FOTWs (and other similar collections) sent from origin. I could just buy USA FOTWs, but most people already have it in their collections… so I am in a bit of a sticky situation.

Does anyone have any suggestions of how to collect FOTWs MOTWs or other collections that have this same problem attached to some members in countries? Do I buy just USA, Just Rare countries, or a mix of both? Thank you so much for any help!

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Hello Seth, you have already realized one main problem. Most if not all collect those series sent from origin. There are several series FOTW / MOTW, COTW, … Unfortunately USA is a so called “Not rar country” (Germany, where I life is the same). This does not mean already everybody has already USA, but anyway at least a lot. How to solve this? There are several possibilities:
a) You offer kind of postcards others might like in return. For example Loupaper or the MOTW US-States are still rar.
b) You are starting to travel to some countries and you send out from these countries.
c) You try to make it remotely, meaning you buy a postcard of a rar country, you buy online stamps for this country and you send them to a post office in this rar country. And you hope everything works out.

And keep a eye on the forum for someone offering.


Good idea! I might throw in a handful or two of the Virginia state MOTW! Thank you so much!

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Often people are OK with not swapping FOTW for FOTW. Lou Paper cards are often very popular so you could offer those for a FOTW card. I often use tausendschön as an offer as most people already have Germany. I myself collect MOTW US States so other people might be interested in those as well and send you a FOTW in return. I myself do not mind if the card would be from your state or some other state as long as it is USA and a USA stamp is on it. Some people only like to collect form that state but not as many as the ones who like their cards from origin. For many from origin means the country not the state.

So you do have options.
Then again people have FOTW for swap but do not collect these series themselves. So there are many options for you to swap these cards.

Also what I do: When I travel abroad I offer cards from these country. So if this would be an option for your as well it might be worth thinking about

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Hello! We are in the same situation :joy: So many people already have my country card.
But I think maybe some new collectors like us would like to swap eventually. Just take it slow.

If you are gonna have FOTW USA I would love to swap with you :rofl:

Too many people in China have switched to the FOTW series

Hey Seth.

You can also order other countries FOTWs.
Here is one idea. Do a write and send back my card request. There are plenty international folks here. Send your card blank, and in return send something from their profile, or offer an extra blank FOTW card for them of their country in exchange if they collect or wish to send FOTWs. (Some countries may have a high shipping rate and may not often be able to order themselves). Just an idea.

Do you travel? If you travel out the country, order the ones you want and send them to yourself. People do it ALL the time.

Based on how many you buy depends on how much your shipping is and ive bought lots and gotten free shipping so each cards ends up costing me 60 cents. But nothing wrong with adding a blurb on your profile stating you like the FOTW series and can suggest if they so choose to send an FOTW you dont have, youd be happy or grateful.

There are people ALWAYS discovering the series and may not always have US, so you never know when you might be able to swap a FOTW for FOTW.

Perhaps you can send two or three FOTWs and put them in an envelope.
Mail to the country you need,
Surplus in return