FOTW and 'Greetings From' (?) postcards

Good day!

I’m looking for the Scotland FOTW card, and I wondered where I can buy these type of cards in general. I see one new unwritten on eBay, but generally, where can I expect to find these?

Also the Postcrossing ones pictured below which I think are called ‘Greetings From’ cards - where can I get a set of these?

Thanks in advance!

FOTW cards can be purchased from PostcardsMarket

Greetings From cards are available in PostalLove

As far as I know they are the official seller of these two types of cards.


Thank you @redteapost ! has quite a few greetings from postcards … you can also design your own if you like.

Note - if you get Zazzle Plus you pay one annual price for shipping and then you can get stuff shipped without additional cost for the next 12 months.