Forum only partly translated into other languages

I went to my settings and changed the language to Norwegian. And I discovered that only part of the text is translated into Norwegian:

I guess this might not be defined as a bug. But it’s still very annoying to have a website partly translated, so I though I’d mention it.

(I just changed back to English right away, without poking around anymore. So I don’t know if there’s more stuff that lacks translation.)


There’s a few bits and pieces related with translation in the forum that I still need to get to (specially those from plugins), but this one has a quicker reply.

With the exception of the “Calendar” section on the screenshot (which comes from a third-party plugin), the other text is all from Discourse itself. Discourse is available in multiple languages but the level of completeness varies from language to language and, as features are developed, new strings are added/changed that need to be translated.

Discourse being an open-source projects, means that anyone can contribute to translate Discourse to their own language. They have a platform to do it and a good place to get started is this one. Translations done on that platform will eventually be merged into Discourse source code and be used not just here but by all Discourse based forums.


Hi @paulo. I am an English-Polish ( and Polish-English) translator. Feel free if you want any help with Polish version.

Hi @Tufta! :wave:

Anyone interested in contributing to Discourse’s translation into their own language are very welcome to do it! But the process is not done here nor with us — it’s all done on the links I shared above which leads to the platform built by the Discourse team for that purpose. The translation process needs to go through that method so that the translations go through their revision policy and are later merged into Discourse’s code. When that happens and that is released in a new version, we’ll get it here too. The upside of it is that all forums based on this software will get it too!

If you, or anyone else, is interested in doing it but hits a problem on how to do it, feel free to leave a note here and I can try to help. I never did the process myself, but I can take a look and try to help where I can.