Forum: Grey Reply Button Doesn’t Always Connect

I understand that the grey reply button is for replying to an individual post in the forum. I am getting inconsistent results when using it. When I click on the grey reply button, I verify that the icon of the user I am replying to appears above the text edit box. I type my reply, and click the blue reply button under the text edit box. The screen then returns to the thread view with my reply at the bottom.

Normally, the icon of the user that I replied to is located in the upper right corner of my reply, and you can click on it to see the exact post that I replied to. But sometimes, this icon is not displayed in the thread view, making it appear as though I made a general reply not to an individual user. Therefore there is no connection between my reply and the individual post within the thread that I was replying to.

I replied to two posts today - one had the connecting icon in the thread view and the other did not. I don’t think I’m doing anything differently. I am not “accidentally” clicking the blue general reply button, because I am verifying that the icon of the individual poster I am replying to appears above the text edit box.

Is this a bug? Is there something I’m missing?


I think the icon of the user is only displayed when you’re not reacting to the latest post.

So even when you use the grey reply button, if it’s the last post you’re replying to, it will not display the user icon as your post will come directly underneath anyhow


Yes, @ScubaET is right. If I had hit the grey reply button on @ScubaET’s post now, it wouldn’t show up as a reply to their message because my message is right below their message. But if I hit the reply button on the other post in the thread (=all other posts than the last one in the thread), it would show up as a reply to the person writing the post.


Thank you @ScubaET & @Norway_girl for clearing this up for me! I thought I was going crazy, but now I understand.

If I were programming the forum, I would have the icon displayed every single time for consistency, but that’s just me. I can live with it the way it is.


You’re welcome! I once wondered the same when I found out about the two types of reply button :wink:

I agree with your suggested way of doing things. The current way makes it confusing. I’m never sure if someone is replying to the person above or making a general comment.

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