Forgot to put country code on postal ID

Hi. I just realized I sent out a postcard to Canada and I wrote the ID number, but forgot to put the country code (US-) in front of it. I mentioned that I live outside New York City, so I am assuming they will figure out that I live in the United States. I can’t believe I did that. Normally, I print out my addresses and postcard IDs, but my printer is down and I wrote this address and ID down.

I’m hoping they will figure it out. What do you think? Should I just hope for the best or contact them and let them know the country code? What would you do?

The stamps will tell where the cards are from (like 100% if it’s written and stamped)


I would wait a little and check their profile after a while, when the card is overdue to being registered. Some people write messages into their profile about not having found the correct id on a card.
Maybe the person will contact the support for getting the id - that should be an easy one, as the numbers are there.
If the card isn’t registered after a while, you can still contact them and tell them about the country code.


If it is a advanced postcrosser, he will remark it and put us in front.
He still can go the way of unknown id

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True. Didn’t think of that. Thanks!

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I think I would probably just send them message. I would look at how long it typically takes cards from the USA to reach them and send the message after that many days.


Yes, I’ll probably send a message after about 10 days or so.

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The cancellation will also thell them, that the card comes from the USA, for the USPS cancellations are unique.

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Okay. Thanks.

If they are not very new to postcrossing, I wouldn’t worry about it yet! Funny mistakes happen but I’ve found that we postcrossers are quite smart and would figure that out!