For those who have Flickr accounts...

I didn’t know what thread to post in and can’t seem to find a concrete answer searching online…so if this is in the wrong thread I’m very sorry :neutral_face:

So I started my Flickr account a long while back for uploading all my for trade postcards. Eventually they made you pay if you have over 1,000 images. I have over 3,000 currently. I didn’t upload anything for a few years then a year or so ago I needed to upload tons of new cards, so I paid for a year subscription uploaded more and then it eventually expired again. I never renewed it since then and all my photos are still there although I heard that they will delete photos if you don’t renew.

Has this ever happened to anyone? Also I see now an option to do a monthly subscription instead of yearly only. I was thinking of paying just one month and upload more cards then after I won’t need to upload anything for a while. I’m just scared if I mess with it again they might start deleting pictures.

I would like to hear anyone else’s experience. Also I could make a second album on Flickr maybe? I know they have other free photo platforms. It would take forever to start a whole new album with all the thousands of cards I have for swap

I’ve never used Flickr. Long time ago, I heard they were making changes to the upload limit, but since I have never used them, I didn’t pay too much attention to it. If you want a great FREE online album site, you should look into Zonerama. I have used them for a few years after my other photo online company went out of business. Here is a sample of my personal collection:



@cliffside Ive noticed a lot of members use that, seems like a good platform but I don’t see an app for it. Does it have a mobile version? I don’t have a computer to manage photos on so I need a platform that is app or mobile friendly.

I use flicker and have reached my free limit…need to clean out old stuff that I dont have anymore and scan more cards. I would never try to trade 3000 cards! Wow

@Izzy2018 I had an obsession for a while, and my mom also worked at a used bookstore and always got postcard books super cheap for me so I aquired a huge collection. I still get cards time to time and recently caved and bought 4 new postcard books. So I need to update my album once again I just don’t want to spend $70 a year on Flickr :grimacing: It will prob take the rest of my life to send all those cards. Or maybe not, I’ve seen users on here send like tens of thousands of cards so maybe one day I just need to not buy anymore lol :laughing:


My subscription renews every year on it’s own.

I would love to move my cards to Zoonerama but with more than 10.000 cards this will take a while and I do not have the time to do so…


I did so, two years ago. It took me two weeks, working 4-5 hours a day.
I had the time, but after finishing I said to myself the next time I would start weeks before the the annual subscription ends and I would start with the smallest albums and do two perhaps only one album a day.
What I did was definitely too much and I didn’t wonder that I dreamt about Flickr, Zonerama, Google Photos etc. fighting for my pictures :roll_eyes: :weary: :face_exhaling: 🫨