For everyone who don't know Chinese - translation request or Q&A

It is a taiwan pop group called Wu Yue Tian (may day), this is the song called farewell
still say farewell or still give up all the world beneath the sea level
what memory do you carry in your suitcase?
finally will say farewell and no more tomorrow to catch
what a pity do you have and hold off your imperfection?

let’s make love more and more stronger in every destiny
when forever becomes a far away, when end become an opinion
finally people become same person

say farewell to all the past and future
say farewell to all blood, dignity, status, smart or ignorant
the last farewell is a wish of flying high
flying upon the grassland, the mountain and the ocean

:sob: :sob: @RainWang Thank you so much for the translation.A very beautiful and sad song :sparkles: I really appreciate it… If you have postcards in Russian, I would be happy to help you with the translation. I might even try Chinese, but English is definitely…
Best wishes,Hanna

Could I ask someone to help me understand why this postcard was returned?

no such door number

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I can help you

Alley of memory(series)
Author:Zhao Chun,Cui Guangcheng
Published by China Academy of Art Press

You can’t do that
When we mainland Chinese write to Hong Kong, we write in English and write HKSAR, which is what we usually do
If you do, there is a high probability that the email will be returned

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Other than the platforms you use, actually they’re diffenent somehow.

The first one is a Chinese character, which is used in Chinese.

The second one actually is used in Japanese.

Although they’re both Chinese character, and mean sea samely. The characters used in Chinese and Japanese sometimes could have some little differences.







tshit4 tho5:游戏,玩

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Hello, I got 2 cards from Taiwan. Would someone please translate it for me? Is it a recipe?
Card 1

Card 2


both are postcrossers names.


小籠包:steamed buns(or steamed dumplings? I’m not sure)
They are dumplings in buns’ shape.

粽子:sticky rice-pudding

鍋貼:pan-fried meat dumplings

胡椒餅:pepper biscuits


just people’s name


Not a card but maybe you could help me with this sushi plate. A friend whom I asked said it’s in Chinese ( thought it was Japanese)

龙 All these are the meaning of “dragon” in Chinese.These words are different wrtingstyles in Chinese calligraphy.

I have bought a lot of clear stamps 2nd hand and one sheet seems with a Chinese theme. Can anyone translate it for me, please?

Many thanks in advance.


I have no idea, I’m sorry.

I’m not very sure as it’s written in cursive script, I think it’s “to greet each new day in a great mood”.

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