[for Birthday] Direct Swap from everywhere

Hi everyone!
I am a student from China, and want to swap postcards with all of you.
My mother’s birthday is coming and I want to have postcards from the world as her birthday gift. However, I find it hard to meet users from all regions, because a lot of active users concentrate on several countries. So I would like to swap some postcards here.
I would like to receive any kinds of postcards without sensitive information. It would be wonderful if you can wish my mother happy birthday in your own language.
If you are interested in direct swap, please DM me for address. I will send postcard to you as soon as possible. You can also tell me your preference.
Thanks for your reading.


I am sending you a PM :mailbox_with_mail:

Sending you a PM

PM sent

Sending you a pm :smiling_face::heart:

Hi @Microcube count me in. Sent me all the details in a PM :grin:

I will send a card from Florida, usa

What would she like and please pm me your address!