Font for Address Labels

I think this is the correct category for this.

What font do you use for your address labels (labels to another member, not personal labels)?
Do you use a different font when printing Chinese, Taiwanese, or Russian addresses?

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After reading 3 of the Best and Worst Fonts for Printing, I’ve been using Century Gothic, which was listed as the #1 Best Font in addition to Helvetica and Verdana.

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This is interesting! I never thought of using different fonts that might be easier to read! I honestly just screenshot the address on the Postcrossing page and paste it into a document to print. I’m too afraid to get a character printed incorrectly. :joy:

Do you have a different method for typing out addresses not using the Latin alphabet?

I copy and paste. Pasting into Microsoft Word (where the template for my address labels is) doesn’t have an issue picking up any non-Latin alphabet characters.

Except for Chinese / Taiwanese addresses I don‘t print, I write them myself with a pen and my very own handwriting font :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t usually unless I end up with a bunch of cards I’m sending out a once, like a large Round Robin.

Using a monospaced font is advisable for latin letters is advisable, as it is easier for sorting machines to read and sometimes postal authorities recommend it (see picture). I always use Letter Gothic.

For cyrillic I use Gill Sans. For Chinese characters I tend to use Futura, but the look of the characters don’t change that much for different fonts.

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