Font change on main website

Sorry, I don’t like some new features on the main site.

I think the script letters are too small and in the traveling postcards section you can’t see the traveling days directly. You now need to click every single arrow to see the travelling days.

That is annoying and time stealing.


oh - so I am not the only one who dislike it… :slight_smile:
I complained already to the postcrossing team, but they were not aware of this…

@isagv : you can change the columns by clicking on “show/hide” columns in the travelling/sent/received sections…


but you still need to click on every arrow. :frowning:

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I don’t like the script either. It looks blurry and it’s tiring my eyes. Making them larger doesn’t help with this issue.

I don’t know what you are talking about. Maybe you can add a screenshot what you’re talking about?

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maybe it’s because i’m mostly on my phone but i don’t see any difference? i’m very curious what has changed.


If you disable some options in the show/hide list, you might avoid clicking to see the information you want to see.

Look at the arrows left, you cannot see the travelingdays. On the second screenshot, I clicked on some arrows. Now you can see the travelingdays. If you have more than 40 cards traveling, that is a lot of clicking.

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I like to see ALL options. :wink:

I still see all the options and don’t need to click anything to see travelling time.

I see id, to whom, country, when sent, travelling time and image icon in one view.

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This is not new.
You can change it in show/hide column

You can change it in the sent column but not in the traveling column. :frowning:

If I can, why can’t you? :man_shrugging: :woman_shrugging:



@isagv that usually happens, when a column needs more space, maybe you a card travelling to a person with a long username?

Try Strg+ - to zoom out, if you are on PC or try to use the landscape view on smartphone.
Maybe that solves it.

I tested a bit as for me it looked as always. I have everything enabled except distance. As soon as I activate distance, I cannot see the travelling days any longer but get those arrows.

(testing on a desktop PC)

I just remembered I don’t keep the distance visible, but even with that chosen, I see the travel time and all other columns.

Now my 2 pence :wink:

On mobile I don’t see any changes - it’s like before.

On desktop pc I have to agree to the others like Nordbaer, isagv, Cassiopheia - the script is indeed very blurry and though my eye disease is not a big problem in my daily life here it feels like a myopia out of hell :scream: It’s really really hard to read for a longer time (longer than 5 minutes or so) without getting tired eyes or a light headache.
Even when I enlarge the whole site it’s not getting better. Hope there’s a way back to the old script.

But surprisingly I have no change at the columns. There I still have my old settings (in all sections). Even if I enable all of them I don’t have the arrows which were mentioned before. But I know them from mobile phone and have always been delighted that this problem occured “only” on mobile.
As I don’t have them on desktop pc maybe it’s a browser thing (just trying a shot in the dark)? I use Google Chrome 91.0.4472.124 on a Windows 10 64 desktop pc.

Or it’s really what Jarana mentioned: A traveling card to a person with a looooong username?

Whatsoever: I think the old script has been much better…

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I’m not a fan of the new font on desktop either, seems much harder to read. Nothing changed on mobile.
I also don’t see any changes to the travelling page layout

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The changes (f.ex. arrows) were seenable in the morning, but not any more for an hour ago. And now I can see the changes on the main site again. I’m using only my table computer. I can’t understand why this happens to me.

I only hope that there are not coming any changes of the fonts here in the Forum. I can see these letters much better than the letters on the main site.

I also don’t like the new script, it has an unprofessional look in my eyes. (because it’s not a standard font) But luckily I’m able to read everything clearly, guess I have a lucky pair of eyes. So just aesthetic concerns here, and I have no problem with the other changes. :slight_smile:

I see the arrows, too, and the problem exists only for the travelling cards, not the registered cards. It’s a bit annoying that I can’t get one setting to work everywhere, it’s like the page is not scalable. There is a lot of space left on both sides, so maybe the site could just be a bit “bigger” - not sure if you know what I mean?

Use the space available on left and right? Or ist my browser/computer?

But - the arrows issue has existed for a long time for me, it’s not new.