Folders in Messages

I’d love to have the ability to create a few folders in the messages to sort my inbox.


Me too! I miss this function.


I never even noticed that in the old forum, clearly I missed a beat!

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Yes, I used to create folders for postcards to send, postcards arrived, postcards awaiting, addresses. It was helping to sort out my u2u. I will missed that terribly. The good thing about this new system, there is no 200 u2u limit, hahaha. :rofl:


I miss this as well!

(I didn’t use it a lot, but it was still useful.)


:scream: I never knew it was there!
I guess I didn’t use u2u as much as those who swap/tag a lot, but still…:joy:

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Slightly OT, but can you delete private messages? I know there is a way to archive them, but how do you delete them? I wouldn’t like to keep confidential information any longer than it’s necessary.


You can delete your name from the private message.

See the option “add or remove”.

I delete my name when the group is closed / complete.

The message also will be deleted .


Yes, I had to create a separate file where all the statistics. To whom, what and when to send. Not very convenient …

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Yea…I started an Excel Worksheet and got very frustrated. Tried bookmarking in Chrome, which got confusing. Now, I’m just archiving and bookmarking, but it still is a pain in the you-know-what.

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I agree, it’s not convenient at all.
I also made a file in Excel. It’s enough for now.

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That doesn’t solve the issue, dear @JetteLise. I was going through my messages to keep them in “order” and came here to say the same as everyone else, then stumbled upon this comment by @Regndroppar and decided to test on a previous conversation we had. Despite Regndroppar had left the conversation, I still have access to all of it - including her address. :grimacing:

Is there any thread where this is being discussed or where an answer was given to justify the lack of this feature? :thinking: I’m curious to know if it can be added/changed or if it’s part of the system itself… because I don’t feel like this is ideal either. :sweat_smile: (don’t worry @Regndroppar, I now removed myself from the conversation and I THINK that the data was erased :slightly_smiling_face: )

Anyway, back on topic, this would be perfect. I have a Round Robin going one and despite using the same conversation for every person whether they take part in 1 or more groups, it still is a mess. I try to use the search feature but it’s not that easy. Bah.

I would love this! or a label system too