Folded cards?!

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then decided, on their own, not to register all the others in the future without checking with admin.[/quote]

And that’s OK!

Concerning folded cards, the decision part is up to the member. The staff asked to report it “in either case”, so you’re allowed to decide not to register folded cards on your own.

But you still report it either way.

After a few years as a postcrosser, I just received a folded card instead of a postcard. The postcrosser mentioned that they were “running low on cards.” My thoughts, they shouldn’t have pulled a name because they were running low on cards but did anyway, so they knew they were going to mail me a folded card. This caught me off guard. I registered the folded card and added a FYI. And now I’m a little upset at myself. Should I have registered this folded card? This thread mentioned that it is up to me (receiver).

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I agree they should not have drawn an address if they don’t have cards (and not willing to buy any).
But now you registered it, and told about it, nothing to change there anymore. Of course I’m sorry this happened and you feel like that.
You can think what would make you feel better now.

Like, if the person who sent it to you, seems like someone who you could write and easily tell how you feel, you could write, and tell you still feel like you did a little wrong registering the card (if that’s how you feel), and ask them, how do they feel about it? Would they be willing to send a normal postcard? Or maybe they understand better, and apologise, would that be something that makes you feel better?
Or, just wait until tomorrow, maybe you will be ok with this, and next time don’t register it, but report it.

Normally, if you don’t want to register such cards, and also otherwise, it’s advised to tell about those to the postcrossing team. So, I don’t know if they like to know about it also now, after you already registered it, but maybe you can still write about it?

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Thank you. I messaged the postcrossing team after. I already feel better. Just by voicing my disappointment helps, and you helped too.