Folded cards?!

I am happy, that I never got bad or angry Hurray-messages.
If I had, I might have given up Postcrossing.

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I think there are a lot of people here on the forum with them rules are rules. Postcrossing stands for connection! Personally, every card is welcome with me. Everyone always gets a friendly message.
People who are annoyed by everything and only want this and that, ruin the fun for others in Postcrossing.
And I say it again
not registering any card is indecent.


Maybe the shop assistant show where the folded cards are because they are often in the same place as postcards.

We do have words for folded cards in Finland, it’s taittokortti, kuorellinen kortti, kaksiosainen kortti, sometimes onnittelukortti (which can be in form of a postcard too).
Postikortti can also be yksiosainen kortti.
Kortti itself can be anything, even library card, driver’s license.

But this is not the point.

When someone sends a folded card, why shouldn’t we say it’s not what are swapped here? It’s not the end of the world. If they didn’t know, they know now. It’s good.

So when a newbie doesn’t know folded card is not postcard, it is advised to register it. And the postcrossing team tells them what is postcard. I think this is good way.

We understand newbies don’t necessarily know the difference. No one is unkind to newbies. It is not adviced to send bad or angry hurrays. We help them to know what happens here. Postcrossing team knows how to write about it friendly. The card gets registered because the newbie deserves their learning time.

Even when an old member sends a folded card, I don’t necessarily contact them ever. I report it to postcrossing team, and they deal it. If they say to register it, I will. But I’m not angry in my hurray. I might say I would have preferred a postcard, but try to find something nice to say about the folded card too.

(Why do I say I would have preferred the postcard?
Because, if I only say “thank you”, they might interpret everyone is happy about it, and when someone is brave to mention otherwise, they are attacked, and told blamingly how everyone else liked it.)


If someone doesn’t agree with the rules, they shouldn’t draw addresses…

Someone is allowed to write that here and if I think someone should look for another hobby because they can’t handle folded cards, that’s not allowed here?

@cindycrazycatlady I explored to you via PM why I deleted your flagged post.


Are you talking about what I wrote? I can handle folded cards - I wrote that I registered the few I recieved (with a friendly message btw) . What I can’t handle is people who think the rules don’t apply to them, and that others shouldn’t even complain about this attitude.

The discussion was about what a postcard is, about one of the standards of Postcrossing. It’s about fairness to follow these standards, isn’t it?


What I don’t understand is that some people don’t value other people because they interpret the rules differently.
And then someone doesn’t send a good card. Don’t understand how people have a problem with that.
Fortunately, we can simply disagree.

We discuss this topic often but if I received a folded greeting card I would contact admins first and wait for their determination before registering it. I would not register it on my own.

When doing postcard trades (or if someone asks for their card to be sent unwritten in an envelope) I sometimes include a short note written on a folded card. The card & envelope helps to protect the actual postcards in the mail system. So its good to have a few folded cards on hand for this, but they are not actually postcards.

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I dont’t understand well. What is the definition of a folded card?


I send folded cards in an envelope. Sometimes when I can’t find an envelope, I handmake them.

Folded cards here are usually sent in envelopes and every folded card I received so far has come in an envelope. They are treated the same as other mail. In some countries, sending an envelope might be more expensive than sending just a postcard.

If your question is whether folded cards can be mailed as is, I haven’t tried that.

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It has a fold.
Other word is greeting card:

(there is also what postcard is: Postcards, which are single-sided without the fold.)

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Quite recently I went to a paper shop (very good one, which have lots of real postcards) and asked, do they have postcards of whales. “Yes, we have”, replied the shop assistant happily and brought two folded cards on the desk.

I did not buy them. But I could not say to the assistant, that according to Wikipedia these are no postcards. (It would have been a nitpicky reply by me.)

Yet no one should be afraid the next customers will buy folded cards for Postcrossing. That is unlikely. Luckily a folded card costs too much. (4,5 €)

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I don’t think anyone replies so :slight_smile:
I would’ve said, oh, I meant postcards, not folded cards, and maybe talk about postcrossing a little.

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It’s possible, I received two. One was stapled together and one came just as it was, but it became quite beat up in the mail.

Edit: These are the two:


You still need to report it. You can’t just decide on your own not to register something that comes with a code.

The OP wasn’t asking specifically about officials. It was a general question about folded cards. You certainly can send those for swaps, tags, lotteries, etc.

Nobody is actually answering the question that has been asked.

To the OP, I have never tried to send a folded card without an envelope.

Edit: I see now that @anon12838227 did directly answer your question. My apologies.

I can do that. :wink: The folded official cards that I recieved mostly came in envelopes. Two were sent without, both glued together at the boarders:

  • one with adhesive tape, folded the other way round with the picture inside;
  • one with washi tape, with the address on the backside.

(@RalfH wrote that he indeed did report it, he asked the staff if he had to register the folded card.)

There were already statements of the Postcrossing team to this, please have a look at the post above as well:

They wrote that Postcrossing does not insist on registering folded cards:
"the choice is the receivers but if it is registered we do suggest a polite message about the difference between the cards as usually it is a new member who has sent it.
In either case letting Postcrossing know (with scans of both sides) lets us contact the member about the issue."


So I did and their decision was always that I do not need to register. See cassiopheia’s quote of staff member mundoo further up in this thread.

This was the part I was emphasizing. The way the original comment was written suggested that the person reported a folding card once and then decided, on their own, not to register all the others in the future without checking with admin. It should be reported each and every time as it says above.