Foil Postcards

Hey everyone, I’m working on a different idea thats been on my head for a very long time…foiling. I’ve been researching forever and finally bit the bullet regarding the materials and I’m now starting to test various types of map designs onto cardstock to see how it would all work. Here is a super early example of a map of japan with some kimono patterns i like:

I also have a couple of videos on instagram in case you are interested.

My question to the community aside from the obvious ‘are you even interested in such a niche idea like foiled maps’, is also to know more about whats been like to receive a postcard with foil on it. Is it super rare? does the foil in the cards you get been peeled during transit or something like that.
Any information would be greatly appreciated


Foiled cards would be definitely great and super nice, i hadn’t received this much foil on card, but had received small bits of foil on traditional dress of a country, and it just felt awesome


This is beautiful! I haven’t received any foil cards but would love to :blush:

Amazing piece of work, with lot of intricacy. Would love to receive one, just wondering how the post will handle it to prevent damage

thats what im worried the most. Maybe it should be a card rather than a postcard so that an envelope can protect the design


It’s so beautiful! I’d be thrilled to receive a card like this.

I’ve sent and received postcards with a piece of paper or thin cardboard on the front, taped to the back with washi tape. I think it helps protect the card:

Your card looks beautiful! I’ve bought some foil postcards here in Japan but I don’t think I’ve sent any (yet). However the foil seems to be stamped into the card - I’m not sure what your technique is (but the final result is beautiful). In any event, I’m with the others here - would love to get something like that in the mail, but haven’t yet.

its toner foiling, essentially printing and then transferring foil with a laminator and the toner acts as glue that binds it. Aside from the imperfections in my learning curve ive also tried scratching it and seeing wether it would peel off but so far it seems good. Needs more testing though

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It’s beautiful and I would be appreciative receiving one. However many of my cards get rubbed so hard in the center by the machine, that all the ink of the photo or art is gone. So I would think that the foil would also be ruined in my case. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

You did a beautiful job on this card!

I’ve send and received more than 1000 cards through Postcrossing and never had a foil one. So I think they are super rare. For US recipients probably something to protect the front would be good because our sorting machines damage maybe 1 out of 3 cards - envelope, paper or unwanted postcard washi-taped to the front, or postmarked and then sent in clear plastic - these techniques are often used,


These are great! I haven’t received any foil cards but I have received a pair of embossed gold foil stamps on a postcard. They arrived fine.

hopefully i can arrive at something that makes foil postcards a bit more common :slight_smile:
Maybe I’ll offer an envelope along with each card just to safeguard it.

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Hello! I have received several foil cards, mostly from Japan. Mostly of the famous wave and Mount fuji with the gold foil on the outlines of the wave and mountain. They are exquisite.

I have these that I found in a random gift shop. I’ve never seen anything like them. They have an unusual texture, almost like silk. I have sent between 15-20 and most of the time I don’t send them in an envelope. I’ve never gotten any complaints about them arriving scratched or scuffed up, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t happen.

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wow, those are certainly a lot more elaborate than the ones im able to produce, but thank you for the feedback everyone. I finally found a good, reproducible way of placing the foil (here is the video). So now the fun part begins making outline maps for various countries or places :slight_smile:

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Well Im finally done. I’m getting these out as prints on my etsy store for now since a black background doesnt lend itself for postcards, but as soon as I get my hands on some white cardstock next week, I’ll make some postcard version of these and send them out. To that effect, I’ll send 5 white foil cards to the first 5 who call dibs anywhere in the world. The promise though is to report back with a picture of how well they traveled.


Hello! :blush:

I’d like to receive your wonderful postcard. :japan:

Does it work on glossy paper like on top of a photo?

That’s a really elegant design, love it.

I’m a big fan of foil cards in general and there aren’t enough of them

I sent this one to my brother.

I’d love a postcard as well!