Does anyone know how to use foil and holographic card stock or paper? I have many just lying around and I have no idea how to use them :sweat_smile:

Most projects I’ve seen use foil paper for die cuts but I don’t have a die cut machine, and would rather incorporate them into postcards :postcard:

Please share if you have any ideas or have done some before!


I have some small mechanical die cuts (sort of like shaped hole punches) and I use those to cut shaped pieces that can be glued to postcards, envelopes etc. like stickers.
Or if you are into making handmade cards, you could use pieces of foil or holographic paper on a masterboard. The masterboard is then cut into individual postcards that can be decorated further.
Or you could use bits and pieces of it for collaging, or to decorate postcards and envelopes (maybe cut it into strips like washitape and then glue them onto the cards etc.).

I guess it’s worth giving it a try to see what works best.
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Those are all great ideas! I’m going to try them for collages and decoration. I hadn’t even thought of that. I guess I thought of how I could use the whole foil card and decorate on that, but nothing has sparked my imagination…yet! :slightly_smiling_face:

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You could use it for sticker bombing! :smile: