Florida Postcrossers

Hi Florida Postcrossers! I have an idea for a meet up, but I want to see if there is any interest before I make inquiries. Didn’t post in meetups because right now this is just an idea.

Ideally I’d like to have it on Oct 1st (World Postcard Day!) at…
Postcard Inn on the Beach!!!…
(Yes, it is really called that!) on St. Pete Beach.

If the location is too expensive to rent, then maybe just meet there for drinks and apps. I’d like to hold it in an open air location and there are several that would be fun. However, I have no idea of the price at this point just want to see would anyone come?

I will also need help designing a postcard. I have some ideas, but I’m not very artistic. My idea is something touristy that says maybe Postcrossing from Paradise Wish You We’re Here. Again no idea of the price or timeline or quantity.

I think I could possibly get the beach paper to do an article. Especially if we partner with a few local schools (where I have connections) to encourage kids to write postcards on World Postcard Day.

If you live in Florida and might be interested please DM me! Thanks for considering this!


I’m not in Florida, but applaud your ideas and energy. Good luck with it!

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I’m not in Florida either, but I will totally talk to my husband about planning a trip down there! I’m always game for a beach trip and I love the idea of this hotel and a meetup!

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I’m Florida, though still 6 1/2hr drive, away (I’m in the ‘Panhandle’).
I like that you are trying to organize something. Postcard day is very apropos.
I’ll pm you after work tonight or tomorrow.

Hi Heather. I am sorry I missed this post. Clearly it is too late for the October meetup but we could consider one in 2022. I have created a thread in the Meetups forum to discuss a potential meetup in 2022. I hope you, and anyone else in Florida or is interested in participating responds. Or they can post on this thread. I hope we can hear from more people soon. Thanks!

Hi all. I notice this is an old post, but I was about to start a new one and then this one came up as a suggestion.

My partner and I live in Norway, but travel to Florida every year around March, and next year is not an exception. We always stay about an hour north of Orlando, so a bit far from St. Pete.

I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in a meet up in/near Orlando in March 2024? Would be fun to meet some American postcrossers :smile:

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