Flag frustrations 💔

I think Greenland makes Denmark one of the biggest countries in Europe, If I’m not mistaken.

We use the same format as any state as we are part of the USPS system. For the states I just write PR and leave the country blank. For other countries depending on its location I use PUERTO RICO as a country but places I know they don’t know PR exist, then I use USA :rofl:.

I just got a card from Guam who’s also a US territory, 15,082 km away for a domestic rate of 40 USD cents.


OK wow! So same postal service and system. Now I wonder why I am eligible to send a card to USA but not to Puerto Rico and other US territories if they use the same system and service provider :thinking::thinking:

Is it because the mails going to PR will be sent directly to PR? Not via USA? (I don’t know much how postal service work :rofl: so I assume mails going to US territories will be sent to USA first then distributed to territories from there, I could be wrong)

Based on list of countries & territories from Pos Indonesia service, Puerto Rico has its own code. So they know Puerto Rico and maybe I could send a card there with just Puerto Rico (if there’s airmail service)


I’m sorry it’s getting out of topic :rofl:

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I don’t display the flag of the country I comes from and live in or any other flags now. I don’t have much sense of identity with the country and keep some dissatisfaction with something it did, be doing or would love to do.
I don’t want to be represented by a flag or a government. The country cannot represent me either. And I don’t want to represent them.The flag is overused by the nationalists here, some of who are even similar to the Nazis. Even the design of the flag can’t attract me. I am forced to salute it much in my real life, and I am tired of it. Thanks to the community, I don’t have to say everything with the flag following me.


In some of the social apps in China, every posts display the real address of the user now, which comes from the IP address, accurate to the province the user lives in. This “service” can’t be turned off. (Try to think about whenever you post something on Postcrossing, the words “Ohio, the USA” or something like that will be on the right side of your username, whether you agree with it or not.)

I like the country of my boyfriend more, so maybe I could display the flag of it out of the sense of identity. But it will confuse many people with the geographical questions.(People may think I come from or live in there, but I don’t.) So I didn’t. I am kind of like a “citizen of the world”, but I didn’t display the flag of the UN, since it is only a organization too. May I display an earth someday?


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I’ve been meaning to ask you about your take on the shade of blue! :smile: I’m well aware of the dark blue/light blue dilemma (I lived in Santurce in 2008–a big political year for the mainland as well as la Isla, and I saw every version of the flag). Regardless of anyone’s politics, I’m pleased to see Puerto Rico’s flag as an option to attach to one’s avatar. PR’s political status, history, and culture are so unique, I think it would be a shame not to include it in addition to the US flag. (And in any case, I think it’s a lovely design.)

There is no “official” shade of blue (as far as I know) specified in the 1995 regulations on using the Puerto Rican flag, so in most representations outside of PR, I notice that the blue is almost always exactly halfway between the 1895 sky blue and the 1952 dark blue. :sweat_smile: A politically ambiguous, near-perfect mid-tone. I wonder if there will ever be an official blue (maybe the mid-tone?), or if codifying it would be too controversial, even if it’s just a formality. :thinking:

There would be no coding because depending on which political party is governing, they will change it every 4 years like they do with the including/excluding the English language as an official one, celebrating PR constitution day, making up new holidays like “PR US citizenship day” etc. Right now there is a general consensus that the mid blue is correct but since the current government is pro-statehood they use the same deep blue as the American flag(matching flags) which is wrong in my opinion. I like the light sky blue which is very patriotic and matches the inverted colors of the Cuban flag, which they say both flags were designed together. 2008 was the year I wasn’t living in PR. I was in Hawaii when Obama won his first term. I wish I would had registered to vote in Hawaii since it was my only opportunity to vote for a US President, you may know we can’t vote for president while residing in PR.


Two wings of the same bird! :blush:

I’m also partial to the sky blue for purely aesthetic (not necessarily political) reasons—I just think it’s pretty. But I like the medium blue as a politically-ambiguous option. If the governor changed the flag colors every four years based on his/her party, that might drive me crazy. :laughing:

Thanks for your take on the blues! :blue_heart:


Honestly, I would never ever even play with the idea to place a German flag near my name. I see nothing good in being “proud of the land I was born to”, that goes for every country. National pride means nothing to me. But I like the European flag, this far from national pride, it just says where I come from and included all countries around.


Same here, but the European Union is a bureaucratic monster and some members only seem to be in it to grab money and to block others, soI rather changed to the German flagto show where I am from.

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Apparently France has done something similar, the shade of Blue has been changed back to deeper Navy Blue from the EU Flag Cobalt Blue.


@PinkNoodle @Maddymail
Yesterday I went to the Veteran’s National Cemetery in PR and they had the PR flag matching the same color as the USA flag. :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

The day before that I went to a souvenir shop and they sell 2-3 different shades of flags.


They have to be ready to please everyone, I suppose! :sweat_smile:


I use my flag for location purposes only. Since I’m also doing a lot of swaps recently, it might be good for people to know where I live.

I could have used the flag of the Netherlands, since I’m Dutch as well, but I don’t identify myself that much as Dutch and neither as German. More like a citizen of Europe or the World.


Yea I display the American flag because I’m actually proud to be an American and I have no shame to be :us:


Nor should you, of course.


@shootingstar7 & @PinkNoodle
Monica, Rebecca, very interesting to see the two shades of the PR flag, thank you,

You have reminded me of a debate closer to home here in the UK about the shade of Blue for the Scottish Saltire and its incorporation into the Union Flag, many say the Blue is too dark and should be a lighter shade, to match the Scottish flag, not 100% certain of the origins of the darker blue, apparently it pairs betters with the Red and White.

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I’m relatively new to the forum and didn’t have the flag displayed on my settings at first. I decided to add it when I started playing some of the games because I think it is helpful to know people’s geographic location, especially with all of the frequent changes on the postal monitor. I don’t think of the flag on anyone’s profile as a sign of patriotism or nationalism (though for some that may be the case). I think of it as a quick visual clue as to where the person lives.


Ultimately, I think you’re absolutely right (I mean, that is the purpose of the flags on this forum), and that I should probably just let go of my misgivings. :sweat_smile:

No one should feel ashamed of their nationality, obviously…it’s just that sometimes it’s hard to feel enthusiastic or optimistic about current events. And I know that people have more concrete reasons than mine to feel ambivalent about their flag usage. I’ll try to stop overthinking it. :laughing:

Great to hear that about our country and our beautiful flag! I feel exactly the same! Also proud to have served in the USMC so did my husband. Our flag means a lot to us.