Flag frustrations 💔

Same here ! I now display the Canadian flag :grin:


My previous forumname was not automatic placed on the new forum. It had 4 characters. The flagging alphabeth used on sea by ships don’t work here.
So I choose a flag with the ID of the missing letters to refer to my previous forumname.

Flags are fabric cotton or nylon with colours.
As long as respect is shown you can use whatever flag you want, here on the forum.

Otherwise Postcrossing would have pre-selected your flag as on the homepage as a given fact.

Postcrossing-wise, it’s an indication of your geographical location. Let’s not make it complicated.


For the tag purposes it’s easier to see the flag beside the name, so you can mentally calculate how much you are going to spend sending to that person, also if your country has shipping limitations, it’s quicker to see where that user is located than going each time to the official profile.


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I live in Sweden, so I have a Swedish flag next to my username. For me it’s as simple as it is.

I participate in tags and I want people to know at the first glance where they are sending postcards. Especially now, when there are some restrictions in some countries about countries you can send post to.


I recently joined postcrossing. I was very afraid that the stereotypes about my country would not give me pleasure. I was afraid that people would think that I support political horrors, such as a war with a neighboring country and getting involved in all the wars of the World. Afraid that since our ruler considers it normal to poison his apponent with a chemical substance prohibited in the whole world, people will think that all Russian are wild people. I was afraid that everyone would think that I was a vodka lover. I was afraid that foreigners would not want to communicate with me. After a short time, I realized that this site has wonderful, responsive people. I am so glad that you are far from prejudice. Thank you!


Have it ever occurred to you that people might like many (other) things about Russia?
Анна Ахматова, Марина Цветаева, АукцЫон, Пётр Чайковский, Сергей Прокофьев, beautiful traditional costumes, language, ballet, more poetry, literature, music?


Of course, I thought about it. And now I am convinced that you are right. Our TV propagandists are telling us every day how other countries do not like Russians. It’s like a suggestion. But I don’t watch these programs much, and some pensioners have begun to believe the propaganda and they can’t be persuaded. And those who do not believe in propaganda are called agents of the West))) I myself love Russia very much, its culture, its nature, its people. I am a pacifist and do not support wars. I respect the culture of other peoples. I want to visit many countries, I want to have friends from different countries. I now receive postcards both on the official website and on the forum. They send postcards and letters. Sometimes these messages really touch me, even to the point of tears. What wonderful people write to me!


This is an interesting topic for me. I had (for a while) displayed what I consider ‘my flag’ - the Irish flag- because I am Irish and hold an Irish passport BUT I removed it because I thought it might cause confusion because Postcrossing sees me as being in the UK.

I also didn’t want there to be any ‘vibes’ with other postcrossers from NI who choose to display the Union Jack because it is a really loaded issue here and I don’t want to bring politics into postcards.


False. We’re thrilled to have you here with us. :heart:

In the US, the anti-Russian propaganda is pervasive. Yes, there are some Russian people (like the ones you mentioned) doing things we don’t like, because…well, that’s just how human nature works: some of us turn out to be awful. :sweat_smile: But unfortunately, you’re correct that many people misconstrue specific individuals being bad as meaning that everyone is bad. It’s a childish worldview that our media–even apolitical media–regularly upholds, even in subtle ways. That’s the bad news.

The good news: You’re in the right place! Presumably, most of us are here precisely because we want to communicate with foreigners. We know that there are people all over the world who share our same curiosity, hobbies, passions, hopes, fears, etc., and we want to connect with them, because it makes the world seem friendlier and cozier. (We all want a friendlier, cozier world, don’t we?)

It’s still possible that you will encounter some prejudiced people. Unfortunately, they exist everywhere, even in Postcrossing. When that happens, just come back and chat with the wonderful people on the site (there are lots!) who see you as a unique individual, not as a stereotype. Don’t keep the frustration inside–share it with people who see your heart more than your flag. :heart:


I am very pleased with your words. I agree with you. Thank you for your support.


As @holeanta and @PinkNoodle already expressed: Russia is more than just President Putin. As well as the USA is more than Trump or Germany is more than Hitler. And we all know that there is a bunch of nice Postcrossers in Russia! Welcome!


As a matter of fact, when the–[cough]–aforementioned man was still our president, I included a short paragraph in my profile revealing my lack of support for hateful politics in the US. People understood, and I received many “hang-in-there” messages of support–especially from Germans! Thanks, guys. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


thank you! :blush:

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Recently had the same problem. Disgusted with the policies of my country, I changed my flag here on the forum - first from :poland: to :eu:, and then to :united_nations:. The latter would be an option for everyone! :slight_smile:

However, I think might just as well switch back to :poland: - even if I still don’t like our government.

Strictly speaking, a flag represents a state, i.e. a political body, and thus also its policies. Consequently many countries changed their flags when they changed their political systems. Worse still, often national flags are adopted by nationalistic political organisations as “their” symbol. Therefore I can understand that many people may have a negative attitude to the flag of their own country, or fear that it might evoke negative emotions in others…

However, most people consider flags to be symbols of countries rather than governments. That may be technically wrong, but it still remains the way they feel :wink: Therefore, I think, it’s not a good idea to burn the flags of any country at political protests against that country’s policies. Your idea may be to express your outrage against an outrageous policy - but by many people it will be understood as an expression of racist hatred.

That said, I don’t think we have to worry too much about the flags displayed on our profiles or here in the forum. Most postcrossers, I hope, would agree that “people are people wherever you go”

Just think of the flag as marking your location!


I am happy and proud to display my island’s flag. If it wasn’t available, with all due respect, I wouldn’t display the American flag. It doesn’t represent me and vice-versa. It feels like displaying a flag of any foreign country. I would instead use the German flag, because I’m half German. :puerto_rico::revolving_hearts::de:


I just read the thread and I didn’t know that it could be so deep :laughing: . I thought the flag is only to give a shortcut where someone lives for tag purpose. For me personally, who’s stupid at geography, the flag gives extra knowledge of new unique flags I didn’t know. For example I didn’t know shootingstar7’s Puerto Rican flag! But now I do and I know that it has their own flag too despite being a US territory.

As for me I use it to indicate the country I’m in (which is relevant for postcrossing activity). Tbh I don’t even use Indonesian flag but Monegasque flag because I like the red shade better :joy::joy::joy::joy:


It’s way more complicated that you think. Puertorricans in the US and in the island display their flag very proudly. I think this comes as resentment of being against the law to display a Puertorrican flag for many years at the beginning of the American invasion. Now, depending on the triangle’s shade of blue in the Puertorrican flag, you know the person’s political stance" Pro-statehood, stay the same but with more independence or being an independent country. And if others don’t like the shade of your flag, you could get your car or house vandalized. Never ask a Puertorrican the question "Is Puerto Rico an own country? " People are very sensitive to this question and things get heated quickly. We are a special US territory because we have our own constitution. Culturally, we are very different from the US. Many people still don’t know how to speak English, and when you listen to the people in the streets, they refer to the island as our own country.


Thanks for telling. It’s crazy that different shade of flag could cause a conflict there. Before I know, I thought Puerto Rico was an independent country (I thought the same for some place like Greenland). The more we know about Puerto Rico :wink:

When addressing a postcard to Puerto Rico, do senders need to write USA in the last line? Or just Puerto Rico is enough?

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