Flag frustrations 💔

@PinkNoodle, thank you so much for your empathy!
I do really appreciate every single word of support, especially from abroad. I’ve never received so many sweet and meaningful messages at postcards before.
It makes me sure than the Postcrossing mission is accomplished and makes this project more than just about postcards swapping.

I also hope that US will rise safe and sound after such tough presidency transfer. Sending all my support to you! :fist:t3:


I hadn’t thought about the flags here being anything other than a way to indicate where the Postcrosser lives. In the rest of my life, I am not someone who flies an American flag or has its image plastered all over everything. Although my feelings about the flag probably are related to its association with right-wing politics and nationalism here (unfortunately), the truth is I probably would not fly the flag of any country. It’s just not my thing and I don’t really see the point.


This is true, that is the purpose of those little flags here in the forum. But as you can see from the discussion, some have doubts to use a flag even for that purpose.


I do have one flag frustration and I’m sure I’m not alone in this situation !
I display the French flag because it is called « national flag » in the settings and well… I’m French… But I live in Canada so I would have loved to be able to display two flags or three or four (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)

By the way, what do you think ? Should I display…

  • :clipperton_island:
  • :canada:

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I suggest to show the United Nations flag.

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I voted Canada but my real vote depends on whether you see yourself as an immigrant to Canada or as a temporary resident. If this is just a short period that you’ll live in Canada then I would change my vote to France.


I use a flag because I want to quickly indicate my geographical position for other people. It doesn’t indicate my support for dictator who occupied my country. And, when I see other people’s flags, I don’t really think about their political views (partially because I don’t know that much about political situation in Canada, for instance). For me it’s just about where’s this person lives.


I’m English and live in England but don’t like the St George’s flag as for me it has connotations of far right groups here. So I’ve opted for the Union Jack as I like it and it’s still a good representation of where I am. I also like the European flag (I count myself as European even though we’ve left the EU) but felt the Union Jack helps people know where I am and represents my nationality.


I know the feeling.
I display the Venezuelan flag, because that’s my homeland. But I live in Spain.
However, I don’t have the citizenship.
So, using Spaniard flag doens’t look right to me.

But I also understand can be confusing for people that contact you expecting a swap from Venezuela, and I’m not there…

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I knew I was not alone in this situation ! I hope you enjoy your life in Spain, Arianne !

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or even Native American/First Nations tribal flag!

@CoralieR I voted Canada. But I don’t care which of the flags you choose. You can even choose the Inuit flag. You can change it as often you want. Allthough I have forgotten how to change flag.

If we can carry two flags then there are postcrossers who might need a third flag…

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@kirankp, this topic is not about what happened at the US Capitol in January–that was merely what made me consider whether using my country’s flag would give a political impression or not. This topic is about the different reasons people do, or do not, use certain flags. Sorry for the confusion.

@HM, this is not about flagging posts; this topic is about using country flags. It doesn’t make much sense to me to recommend that someone use another nation’s flag without reason to do so, especially when it represents an indigenous people, like the flag of Nunavut.

@CoralieR, that is a tricky dilemma! I voted Canada, only because you currently live there…but no one can fault you for wishing to stay true to your roots! :fr:


I am originally from Finland, but decided on Swedish flag because I live here. However after some thinking I realized that I would have decided on Finnish flag if I would have been here only for a while (like for practice season or study semester) or I just recently moved in. It is quite big part of identity to decide on which flag/country you want to represent, even when it is just here on the forum :slight_smile: So follow your heart and take the one you feel fits you the best. You can always change the flag later if you notice it is the time to change.


I’m also a Finn but I use the Union Flag. Why? It’s where I live. It’s where my address is and where my home is. I think it would be odd to go for any other flag!

It’s a practical choice without any particular love or patriotism for the country.


You could also take a photo with you and both flags and use it as avatar. And then delete the flag besides the avatar. That might not be the best solution, but maybe you feel more comfortable showing both flags that way than showing just one of them besides the avatar.


I like this idea, Ralf !

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Just add a maple leaf to the French flag–done! :white_check_mark:


Disclaimer - The following are my views alone and not that of any other postcrosser

Without getting too Political…

I’m UK (England) born, and use the Union flag to help other postcrossers on the forum know where I am based.

As mentioned above, the English Flag and Union Flag have been hijacked by far right groups and every now and then, the ugly head of the Union flag and slavery and oppression of the British Empire comes up… Sigh

My mother is Malaysian and could use that flag, but its not really me (maybe use it when in travel mode).
I had a girlfriend from Hong Kong when at Uni and her parents had an old HK pre-1997 flag which had the Union flag in the corner. I found it interesting, but lately has become a political symbol again.

… And I came close to living and working in Northern Ireland, and I wouldn’t dare to use any Flag, Ulster Banner, Union or Irish Tricolour Flag

As a joke, I would like the Jolly Roger :pirate_flag:, but I understand that the more flags, especially obscure flags such as states, provinces, counties, indigenous flags are added, it defeats the purpose they serve on the forum.

Personally, you need to have an open mind to be a postcrosser and learn to try and experience someone else’s perspective who may have a different view to yourself. I’ve learnt so much from my two years on postcrossing.

It’s a shame, I actually like flags, just look at my favourites and you’ll see plenty of FOTW series postcards there.

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Exactly–it could easily become very confusing at best. Having no flag displayed is always an option if someone is uncomfortable, unsure, or even opposed to associating with their nation’s flag, and that’s probably a better way to go than adding a surplus of flags. (Although the Jolly Roger is a good choice!)

Others in this thread have convinced me to keep displaying the American flag despite prior misgivings. It is where I’m from and currently live, after all. :thinking: