First Lady Reagan Stamp

Linn’s Stamp News posted the following on 6/1/22:

The United States Postal Service announced June 1 that it plans to issue a commemorative forever stamp in honor of Nancy Reagan (1921-2016), who was the wife of Ronald Reagan, the 40th president of the United States, and served as first lady during her husband’s administration from 1981 to 1989.

“First Lady Jill Biden will host an unveiling of a new U.S. Postal Service stamp honoring former First Lady Nancy Reagan at the White House,” the Postal Service said. The unveiling will take place June 6 at 11 a.m. Eastern Time.


I just posted about this on my IG. I’m excited for yet another new stamp! :heart:


Can you put a link to the news source? Thanks.

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Her + G W Bush plus 14¢ (soon 20¢) postage of your choice - problem solved!

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A USPS bulletin, originally dated 5/19/22 (and posted on another topic) stated:

Do not permit sales of the stamp stock items and their related vending and store-prepared stamp items listed in the table at retail counters and outlets after June 30, 2022.

And included the following table:

Again, that bulletin is gone so I cannot post a link, but it does leave us with some clues.

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What a great woman…

Great women…

Would be proud to use that combination.



This stamp was surprise-released at the start of Pride month, so let’s not forget this part of her legacy:


The subject, the timing, the legacy. Everything about it is BIG YIKES – and that’s the most charitable thing I can say about her, other than the Twitter rumors. :expressionless:


Just say no

So what are you saying. She was not a great woman?

One of the greatest Women ever.

FWIW, my “Her?” GIF was flagged by a member as being offensive and removed by an admin.

At last count, it had 10 likes. So other posters shared my skepticism of the stamp subject and the ideas it represents. Or they are fans of Arrested Development references.

I maintain my position that there are far more worthy women, First Ladies, and Americans, full stop, to be honored as a stamp subject. Especially at the beginning of Pride Month.

Apologies if you were triggered by my first post, since it apparently didn’t fully convey the nature of my comment in a thoughtful, specific way.


Also FWIW, I posted this originally simply for the announcement of a new stamp. The press release for the stamp says:

"The dedication ceremony for the Nancy Reagan Forever stamp will be held July 6 — the 101st anniversary of her birth and the culmination of her centennial year. "
(Emphasis mine)

Note that technically it’s not being released during Pride Month.
And, for a little humor and exactly what I would expect from him,

"Ron Reagan, son of Ronald and Nancy Reagan, who was unable to attend the event, said, ‘Her own stamp! I’m sure she never expected to receive an honor like this. Neither did she expect to be flying all over the country stuck to the front of envelopes.’ "

Thanks for pointing out the stamp’s release is in July.

Regardless of that date, though, suddenly announcing the stamp and having an unveiling ceremony at the White House in June at the start of Pride month considering the Reagans’ inaction during the AIDS crisis, is controversial. It’s part of the stamp’s context and fair to mention when talking about the stamp.


I doubt this or the President Bush stamp will sell…neither are appealing

The George H.W. Bush stamp is being discontinued on 6/30/22.
So if you are inclined to want to use the Bush/Reagan combo, buy or order your Bush’s soon.

I’ve gotten caught like this before where I planned a postcard/stamp combo to only have the stamp discontinued while I was waiting on the cards or some other thing; then it was off to e-bay.