First Day Covers

How do FDCs work in France?
I have never seen an official FDC, only custom FDCs and FDC cancellation on official leaflets. The official leaflets I have not seen on LaPoste website.
How can I get these?

Usually it is available in Le Carré d’Encre and in a couple of post offices across the country.
My understanding is that you can also get the Premier Jour by sending an enveloppe to Philaposte.

See this link for more information.

Hi, as the previous poster suggested Carre d’Encre is a good place to go in Paris, also the newly renovated Musee de la Poste in Paris.
I would suggest you call Philaposte service clients on +33 ( 0 ) 5 53 03 19 26 or e-mail them at Ask them to send you a copy of the current La Poste ( Philaposte ) # 91 Catalogue which covers Juin- Août 2021 & includes all the issues for those months inc the forthcoming Jean de la Fontaine 400e. The catalogue has all the new French issues and the DOM / TOMs, TAAF, and Monaco & Fr Andorre. Each issue is shown with the relevant special cancellation at the bottom of the page. The catalogue is distributed free to Service clients you should be able to organise a paper version to be sent to you, it is published every two months. It is also digitally on the Carre d’Encre website above.

“Timbres magazine” also has a huge amount of information on forthcoming Collectors stamps with details , the current issue features a cut out that includes the Fête du Timbre issue 25th September and shows the special cancellations. Many small towns also produce their own cancellations for Fête du Timbre you can find those on the relevant Philatelic societies website with details of where to go and when to get the cancellation, last time I went to Lille and Amiens where La Poste were doing special cancellations for 2 days over a weekend.
Hope this helps,
Regards D