FINLAND, PLEASE HELP! ID Code is missing!

Dear, Postcrossing members from Finland!

Yesterday I got this wonderful postcard from Finland, Seinajoki - from person called Matti.

But on the postcard was not ID Code.

Matti, I am searching you - if you see this post, please, wrote to me aMessage.

Best regards, Eva from Latvia!

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Please try submitting your information about card on this website,

You’ll definitely find the sender

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I agree with @Hemang’s suggestion above, to submit a help request.

…but it could be from @SMatti (in Seinäjoki, Finland). I don’t think she’s a forum member though…so you’d have to message her through the main site to ask if it’s from her.

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Thank You - I found memmber by myself.
I will delite this post.

I am a New member there and some things I dont know where to find.