Finding a new postcard album in the post-Paperchase age?


I keep my received postcards in photo albums I bought from Paperchase.

They are great because they are A6 sized, I store one postcard per pocket, and the pockets are totally clear so I can see the front and back of the cards once they are put away.

I have one more album left which will give me 50 more cards to store, but then I’m out! Does anyone have any good UK suggestions for (and links to) an alternative? I don’t mind if the outside cover of the album is opaque, I just want to always be able to see the whole postcard inside.

I thought I’d found a great alternative on Amazon, but inside each of the pockets was a sort of fabric opaque layer so it was no good!

Here are some photos to give you guys an idea of what I’m looking for!

Can anyone help?


The larger Boots shops sell those sorts of albums near the film cameras. WHSmith do a lot of albums, though I’m not sure if they are the right size?


I’m a film photographer who takes part in a worldwide postcard exchange with one of my film photo groups. I always store the postcards I get in these Printfile sleeves - they are A4 size and hold 3 4x6 cards. I also by the 5x7 (2 per page) sleeves for the slightly larger cards that don’t fit the smaller 4x6 size. It’s not an album, but I just buy a regular 2-ring binder that can hold all the pages. It also allows me to put similarly-themed cards on the same page.

Since this is a company that caters to photographers, all the products are archival, so you don’t have to worry that the plastic will ruin the cards in the long run. You can order directly from Printfile, but often photo stores will also sell their products too.


I never used albums for my cards. I have always used 2 ml plastic sleeves for my own collection and the cards in my sales stock.

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Thanks all for some good advice there!

I’ll investigate Boots (and check Snappy Snaps, thinking of the photo world), and that Printfile website too!

Rymans has some good ones. The one by me was selling postcards for 10p each as well!