Find your English speaking/Portuguese penpal here. (Sou uma 32/F/USA procurando penpal brasileiro(a) Who else?)

I am from the US and this Chromebook has a USA keyboard, so this post will be in English.
I am looking for a Brazilian penpal.

Maybe you speak Portuguese and want someone to practice English with? Maybe the other way around? Everyone is invited to discuss in this thread to find a partner to practice their other language with.

Maybe there are other people like me and this thread is where we find a penpal with common interests. My info is below.

About me, so you see if we have anything in common?
My daughter and I love cats and Disney movies. I have a 12 year old kiddo, I don’t go out with other people but I love learning about many topics as I can. I love languages, travel, art, crafts, trivia, games. I love music, Friday Kahlo, Dolly Parton, Pink, Shakira, some series like Schitts Creek, K-dramas, Wife Swap, Family Guy, Circle Brasil, 90 Day, especially when I get to see the other countries.
I will be 33 in May! I am leaving a very disastrous home situation/marriage, I get it.
Although I respect people’s beliefs, I am not a religious person so if you are looking for a church pal, I’m not the one. I really like making my art and mail.
I like to be kind because I don’t know what the next person is going through and I am sensitive myself.


Yes. We can be a pen pal.
I’m from Brazil. I’m 29 years old!

Eu espero sua resposta :slight_smile:

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Olá? Beleza?
I sent you a message.

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Olá, tudo bem?
I am starting a new journey on Postcrossing site after a long break (I deleted my previous page because of the Covid-19 pandemic) - 2 years without swapping postcards and I saw you want to practice Portuguese. I am fluent in both Portuguese and English. I am still building up my profile but could not avoid writing to you. Would you like to be penpals? Aguardo! Andreia