Find Natali from Russia please!

Well. I received this card for a l long time(since 12.4)
I can only know it’s from Russia.and details city.
The name may be Natali? But l can’t find any record in my message.
(But l know it must be the forum swap one.since l remember the cat pattern)

Many thanks


Maybe one of them


Thanks.but how can l search them in my private message?

You can search for specific user if you go to search icon, click options, write the username in ‘posted by’ field and tick ‘In my messages’


Thanks! l will try

I selected all of them but none of them is the person l find

Then there’re 488 possible users in the very city (logged within 3 months) :rofl:

Don’t know whether the pixelated area contains more useful hints.

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Ho haha so many! Thanks for telling me this

i would go through my pm’s from around that time and see what tags/swaps you agreed on with a certain natali from russia. can’t be that many.


It might still be an official card, I’d try to place a search request with the Postcrossing team just to be sure.

Recently happened to me - I received a big envelope of “happy mail”, and after not being able to match it to any of my swap partners, I finally put in a search request - turned out to be an official card after all from a generous soul who sent a goodie bag instead of just a card!

Also, many people’s usernames have nothing to do with their real names, her user name yould be anything.


Ho thanks .but l am sure it’s a forum swap card since l remember the pattern

Perhaps something related to cat tag? Animal tag? Big cat tag? (if you were/are active in tag game) . If it’s from the forum swap I wish she could see this too when she opens the forum

Good luck finding Natali!

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Thanks! But l rarely join in a tag. It’s the cat card since my wish list is cat haha

Card mailed from Novosibirsk

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May be this one Natali_

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If you’re really stuck, perhaps you could post an inquiry to the forum round-robin(s) you’ve been active in, asking for the person to identify themself? Not necessarily posting the card, but saying “I received a card from Russia from a Natali who has a cat called Yumi - if this is you, can you please send me a direct message?”

I’ve never been sure how much that sort of inquiry is permitted, but if you have no other way to identify them…

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Check your message box
The backup also in your email.

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Maybe @Vitality, is that card from you?


Hello friends)
Unfortunately this card is not from me, but I ask girls with such name, I know some of them))

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Thanks for your help!!!:kissing_heart: