Filtering the 'Popular' wall on official site

Being able to filter Received and Favourite walls by country is very useful when you are choosing a card for somebody.

But when you’re looking at your own cards on the Popular wall, filtering by country doesn’t add much. The country you sent the card to doesn’t necessarily relate to who finds your card appealing.

I’m not sure what type of filtering would be useful - time periods, such as years, maybe? Some of my most popular cards are ones I sent ten years ago and couldn’t get more of now. Whereas I’d quite like to know which of the recently sent cards people are really reacting to.

This is really unimportant - just something I ponder every time I look at my wall.


I find the country filtering option on the “Popular” tab not quite useful.

“Favorite” ≠ “Popular”. Having one recipient from a country favoriting a card does not mean that card is popular within the recipient’s country. Whether one like a card or not is a personal matter, not a national one, unless it’s relevant to the country’s value, culture, etc.

The fact that people other-than-recipient (compatriot or not) can mark their favorite made the country filtering even more ineffective at reflecting the actual national preference, as their votes count towards the overall number of “favourites” on a card regardless.

In a sense, whether a card is “popular” or not is still purely based on community preference (as an aggregation of personal preferences), not a national one.

I think we should only have two sorting options: by likes (to reflect the overall preference), by time (to account for the change in sender/recipient personal preference)

I never pay attention to my popular wall. I just knew we can filter it :blush: