Filtering categories

Is there a way to filter categories or topics within categories?

I’d like to see in “New Topics” less of the things I don’t care about. Tags, lotteries, bingos are all items I have absolutely no interest in.How can I filter those out when "New Topics are presented?

Alternatively, Can this be moved to the Entertainment category, or their own Games category? I HATE the fact that you have lumped round robins, traveling notebooks and RAK in with Games. Call those Activities (as they actually involve sending postcards), and create a Games category (which I can filter away) for the other sub-categories that are just forum web play.

I’m not sure if that is what you want but you can mute all categories you don’t like. If you don’t want to see bingos for example you can go to bingo and mute all topics. That way it won’t appear neither in new or in latest. Is that it?


Yes, exactly like @bom_dia says - in Preferences you can choose categories which you want to mute. You will not be seeing them anymore.

Tags, lotteries and bingos also involve sending postcards - for tags and lotteries, there is no other purpose but sending something - so they are correctly grouped with round robins, travelling notebooks etc.


Definitely muting! I muted all kinds of topics and top-level categories. So much muting! :mute: :speak_no_evil:

Ah! Good tips, thank you!

If you still find topics at a place where they don’t belong to, you could either flag them for moderation and the admins will be informed about that. Or you go to the “hamburger menu” icon on the top right of the page (those three lines), klick on badges and find the one for “regular” (or “leader”) and can ask any person in that lists to move the topic to the correct place.

Muting seems to work for the most part. I still see topics (with the locked icon) when i go to “new” from the"hamburger" menu.

Th admins have already informed me that they feel that the “Games” title is appropriate, so pushing that further is of no use.